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Submitting a request for a physical therapy appointment will put you in touch with one of our Patient Care Coordinators. Often times, they will call or text within minutes of you submitting the form. Sometimes, it may take up to an hour.

We strive to get all patients in same-day or within 24 hours of their request! Thanks for choosing Premier Physical Therapy for your recovery.

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We’ve built a team of some of the best physical therapists and chiropractors in the Chicago area. We’ve got the expertise & curiosity to accept challenging cases.


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For the hour or so you’re with us for treatment, expect a warm welcome, friendly conversation and compassionate care.


Easy Communication

Call, text, email or live chat with us to schedule an appointment, ask your physical therapist a question, or just say hi!


Same Day Appointments

Most cases we can get in the same day you call! No waiting a week or two for your evaluation. You’re in pain, we want to help ASAP.


Walk-In's Accepted

In the area? Come stop by any one of Premier Physical Therapy’s 14 locations! Walk-ins are always welcomed.


AFfordable Self-Pay

You don’t need health insurance in order to get top notch, affordable physical therapy. Call or text us for the most affordable cash-pay options in Chicago! 

Premier Physical Therapy
Based on 769 reviews
Excellent experience great staff they take good care of me and all the patients..staff always willing to help thank you doctor liza maritzaManuel god bless of all you .thank you again!
Nydia O.
21:56 08 Jun 21
Great service, I love how they care for their patients. I highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy .
Herman A.
13:46 03 Jun 21
14:27 15 May 21
This is the best physical therapy place in town. First thing first, they literally accommodate to your schedule any time, any day - just give them a call and they absolutely will find a spot for you that same day. Tanika (I hope, I spelled her name correctly) is always super sweet and welcoming, I’ve never seen her in a bad mood or rude, like ever. And Dr Matt is the most caring doctor in the world. He genuinely cares about your well being and always asks how you are. Everytime I get to work with him, he knows exactly what hurts and he carefully treats the area. Im glad I found this place after my car accident and I will absolutely refer my friends and family here, all day everyday💞
Zamira S.
19:51 06 May 21
Last July, I was rear-ended by a large work van. The accident left me in pain and quite jumpy. It made it very hard to continue working as a rideshare driver. Thankfully, I went to several months of physical therapy at Premier in Oak Park. The staff made sure that I received the care that I needed. They explained why the exercises were beneficial, and they left me with a routine that is helping me maintain. The therapies helped physically, mentally, and emotionally as I struggled to get back into the swing of working. I looked forward to seeing the staff on each visit. Premier is an excellent rehabilitation facility.
Corey N.
09:53 27 Apr 21
They are amazing people ; really take care of you in any way possible . Definitely will make sure you get the support you need . Daisy and Tracy definitely provide you with the most welcoming customer service as soon as you walk in the door .
2 L.
21:04 23 Apr 21
I have been suffering from arthritic pain in my right leg. I had 26 visits to the Oak Park facility. At the end, my movement had greatly improved and the pain was reduced.. What is more, I gained a great deal of knowledge from the therapist, Dr. Salgado. The people there take a serious interest in your problems. While they have many patients, they make sure you get the appropriate personal attention.
John R.
01:44 20 Apr 21
Amazing and friendly staff! Colleen & Dr. Mohammad made me feel very comfortable from the start. Very happy with my therapy, definitely felt better every time I finished my sessions. Anyone in need of therapy, definitely check them out! Great place! Great people! Great service!
Maricruz N.
14:41 09 Apr 21
Doctor Beavers is great and always ready to help, The 1st day I walked in there She pretty much took. me by the hand and took me through the routine we needed to get my back and neck back in shape. She takes her time to show you how to do things the right way . And it is kind of funny that even though it looks like she's not watching you when she is with somebody else, she is always watching you making sure your doing it right. Thank you doc, for all your help
Ruben L.
15:34 02 Apr 21
I absolutely love the help and care that I get from the entire staff. Tracy & maddy go above and beyond to help accommodate me with my injury and recovery.I have been coming to premier since November of 2020 and I was previously at ATI and I truly feel much more comfortable and safe with covid-19 guidelines still in effect. They help accommodate me using the gym and allow me to get my workouts in they are great at spacing the time out for thier patients I usually almost have the entire gym to my self.If you're looking for a place to help you get better this is the spot to go. They go above and beyond to help and make sure you get the help you need even if you are late or miss an appointment. Dr.mete will take care of all your needs.If you're not happy with your current therapist give premier a chance and I promise you will notice the difference in care within the first week of therapy!
Joe V.
18:06 15 Mar 21
Tracy lino(Md )rukminiThis was the first and best therapy place I ever been too staff is amazing and very helpful wit getting you back to healthy physically actives loved my experience🙏best staff everThanks to tracy and the (md) youGuys are great keep up the good work
Young M.
17:22 15 Mar 21
I really want to thank all the staff working at this location they are all fantastic workers that have passion for both their job and any body that comes into their therapy clinic.I came in their with leg problems,and they did a good therapy on my leg and turn my leg into a brand new leg.Thanks yah all and God bless yah all..👍👍✌🏽✌🏽❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻
Akeredolu Rufus A
18:15 25 Feb 21
Dr. Dan and Kayle were incredibly helpful.They both were down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and caring individuals. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality physical therapy. Bravo to the team!
Anjin A.
23:56 22 Feb 21
I want to start by giving tremendous praise & honor to Karolina & Heather for the awesome work & therapy they perform. Every time I come they are so hospitable, humorous, welcoming, polite & very professional. They make me feel at ease when I’m a little fearful & uncertain of different exercises that I have to perform & they encourage me that I can do it. I really enjoy coming to therapy because they make every patient feel important & most of all they are concerned for are well being. I don’t know what or how my process & progress would go if Heather & Karolia weren’t apart of my therapy. I am very grateful for them being apart of my healing process. They are absolutely the Best ever. I give them 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for all of the hard work 😓 & effort they perform .
angelo T.
16:57 12 Feb 21
The staff is very professional and dedicated to the well being of their clients! I highly recommend them for your physical therapy needs.
Shanon V.
20:08 11 Feb 21
Very friendly workers. I Absolutely loved the Physical therapist assistant very caring. She had Doctor skills she really cared for the patients. They should do a temperature check for everyone entering the building which they don't.
Tascha L.
04:31 06 Feb 21
I was getting my physical therapy at another office. I transferred to Premier physical therapy kind a late in the game, approximately six weeks into my short rotator cuff surgery rehab.All I can say is thank the Lord. These guys are miracle workers. The staff is amazing. They’re super helpful. They allow you to go at your own pace. They’re extremely kind. Their techniques are world class.Timeka, Rola and Doctor Diana are angels sent from above...Doctor Diana’s techniques and encouragement took me out of my depression and on the way to a better than expected recovery.Timeka made sure my ride was always there on time...Seeing her smiling face when I came thru the doorWas extremely refreshing.Frankly I think they kind of save my life. I was getting pretty depressed at lack of progress at my last physical therapy center. But Premier Brought me back to life highly highly recommended...
Rodney A.
20:59 03 Feb 21
Friendly staff. Busy most of the time. Probably could use another physical therapist on some days.
Jesse J.
18:46 01 Feb 21
Couldn’t be happier with my experience here! I was in a car accident late December and had excruciating pain in my back. Within a month I feel so much better. The staff at Premier was nothing but exceptional! Highly recommended, wouldn’t go to any other place! Thank you guys!
zackary Z.
16:29 01 Feb 21
After suffering minor neck injuries due to an auto accident, Premier Phys Therapy was recommended for my treatment. I enjoyed my time here, and benefited from their care. All the staff are friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable of what they do. While performing your prescribed exercises, if you are not working directly with a doctor, staff will check on you periodically to make sure everything is ok. The place is clean, wiped down after EACH use of equipment. I recommend Premier in the South Loop to anyone wanting to get back on their feet.
Kevin C.
02:50 19 Jan 21
Very nice and kind staff, love going to therapy there. Realmente recomiendo este lugar.
Sarah V.
16:21 13 Jan 21
The staff here is amazing! They make you feel comfortable from the start; not only do they put great focus and care into your injury and needs, but they also show great relatability with good conversation. On top of that, the exercises and stretches really helped me heal from my car accident. I couldn’t ask for a better place to go for physical therapy!!!!
Damion C.
20:08 12 Jan 21
Coming here has been an excellent experience. They are kind, friendly, and patient. Dr. Miguel, Juwana, and Rupa really helped my pain in my wrist. When I came I was really sore all the time in my wrist and occasionally the elbow. I left feeling a whole lot better. Thank you so much for your help. 100% RECOMMEND.
Austin R.
17:31 08 Jan 21
Heather, Maddie and Karolina are helping greatly with my recovery. Thanks for all your help
paul R.
14:49 08 Jan 21
This is one the most humane and dedicated facility ran by the most amazing staff Dr. Miguel and his assistants Ruba and Juwana its clean and sanitized and they are very attentive to your well-being..
19:20 31 Dec 20
I have been coming here for months and the staff is very professional the doctor really knows what he is doing! Every time I come everyone is smiling and friendly, it’s a great atmosphere!
Bree J
18:21 31 Dec 20
This is the most professional and consistent therapy company I’ve ever been to. They are so persistent on making sure you feel safe and are getting better each day. Very prompt as well. I’ve been attending here since July from my motorcycle accident and through that process they have allowed me to wear shoes in which I couldn’t wear prior to coming here. They have built my confidence and they impeccable customer service. There are three individuals I would like to recognize that would include Dr. Miguel, Juwana, and PTA Rochelle. Always on time, always helpful, and always goes over and beyond. Thank you for your consistent service and help with recovering patients.
Donnell Singleton J.
18:13 31 Dec 20
After being hurt in an accident, I was very hesitant to try physical therapy. The staff here not only guided me, but truly helped me get back to my normal self. I would highly recommend everyone to come here for their physical therapy, for their wonderful staff and their amazing work in recovering!
17:58 31 Dec 20
Great staff! I feel very welcome and comfortable with this team. Dr Miguel is awesome. I feel relaxed and renewed after my sessions. Thanks for getting me right!
Eumeka W.
17:58 31 Dec 20
Great..Great...staff..service....Dr.Dan and Miss Kelly great people both of you they treat patient like family member. I had great experience 👍👍👍👍👍🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
pratik P.
15:49 24 Dec 20
Kohls i love them over hear nice service and fast pick k up
Netta W.
14:22 05 Dec 20
I never visit
Vretta Taylor (.
00:25 02 Dec 20
I love this place the staff are amazing if I had to do physical therapy again I would come here even though I miss the old staff the new staff is pretty good also they are very friendly people 😘
Takila P.
17:39 18 Nov 20
This place is awesome Dr Rukmini keeps me well exercise and Tracey Lino is patient and very knowledgeable regarding therpay . great place ever !
Loud 4.
20:47 13 Nov 20
From the the staff to the doctors nothing but warm welcomes and smiles. This place is very friendly, never a dull moment. Super helpful and always encouraging. I want to thank everyone at Premier for their above and beyond service. They truly know how to work with patients and treat them with the upmost respect.
Big M.
18:06 13 Nov 20
I currently go to physical therapy and the staff is amazing! They also provide transportation! They really focus on getting you better!
Libra D.
18:23 03 Nov 20
Premier Physical Therapy exceeds hospitality through their prompt and supportive team. Everyone is so friendly while exhibiting their own unique way of handling their patients. I always look forward to my visits because they take care of me. their guidance towards self care has motivated me to continue my visits and improve my lifestyle. I would recommend this facility to friends and family. A special thanks to all the staff.
Jennifer G.
17:17 02 Nov 20
Great staff with cool attitude. But will push you to get better, even if it hurts. That's their job & they did it well.
ben B.
14:49 28 Oct 20
There Really Nice People Everyone Inside From The Recipient To The Doctor All Good People I’ll Be Back If I Need Any More Therapy🙏🏾
Bud G.
16:33 20 Oct 20
I love the staff here they are all so kind and the girls are just fantastic. The doctors are great and I will recommend them in the future.
Shereen A.
02:40 17 Oct 20
Was referred here by lawyer after accident. They did a good job of wiping everything down after each patient use and if they missed something all you had to do was ask. Staff was friendly but they could use more help, how this place would run without Temeka is BEYOND me from the front desk to the back rooms. You might as well call it Temeka and Docs lol. There was one Spanish nurse who warmed up the electro pads before she put them on you; that was a nice touch.
Joseph K.
07:29 03 Oct 20
When I first walked into this place I was a total mess couldn’t even scratch my back so much pain couldn’t sleep I had to take so many pain killers but at this location the people are miracle workers the girls are so sweet the guys are ok lol but yea the massages the training they have is awesome and thanks to them I’m back to my happy life. Thank you Ibeth your so sweet and Kelsey wonderful hands for massages can’t wait for my next accident lol
Juan R.
22:15 01 Oct 20
I got into a bad car accident last month, and I was in so much pain Dr. Pandit and Mrs.Tracy were absolutely amazing! They were also extremely flexible when it came to my hectic work schedule. I feel a million times better.
India S.
16:40 29 Sep 20
I had back pain for about a year before going to physical therapy. I was hesitant to go anywhere because I did not have severe back pain and thought I could just 'cure' it at home. After a while of that not working, I decided to get a second opinion.One of my bigger fears was getting a rude doctor who didn't care about you nor really help you in the end. I also did not really want to go to physical therapy because I thought a doctor would want me to empty my pockets in order to continue treatment, even when I did not need it. This was not the case here.I came in not expecting much, but to my surprise, I felt at home when I was there. The doctor was so welcoming and friendly, it was an amazing feeling. No one is ever rude there and they care about you. They don't make physical therapy a torturous nor dreading experience. They give you custom or different treatment based on what your needs are and where your pain is. I look forward to going to every appointment because my back ALWAYS feels so much better after going there. They also do not try to cut the appointment short, like many other doctors do.In the end, I would recommend it to anyone. Great place and experience.
Amber K
17:31 24 Sep 20
I love they service they treat u like family alway welcoming u &make u want to come back. Dr. Mohamad & Rola amazing people. Colin the new girl is very nice. I like this office.
Yolanda W.
14:28 17 Sep 20
They REALLY care about your well being
Michelle F.
23:03 15 Sep 20
When I saw Dr. Dan the first time about 3-4 weeks ago, I couldn't even stand without pain. He is definitely blessed with healing hands and compassion. I am so thankful that I switched over and now I'm almost back to how I was prior to how it all began. Thanks so much for all that you've done Dr. Dan!
Noah & Z.
23:08 09 Sep 20
They are the best hands down and the staff is very professional thanks for everything
Shawn W.
14:35 09 Sep 20
They are extremely professional and I really appreciate their compassion 😇
kimberly B.
13:13 08 Sep 20
I have had the best experience at Premiere Physical Therapy Chicago (Southloop).The staff as a whole is patient and works with you. I came to them after a terrible car accident and found the sessions to be a tremendous help! They have truly been life savers!
Nikkie R.
21:22 02 Sep 20
PREMIER PHYSICAL THERAPY on state has THE BEST Employees , they are all very welcoming and helpful they make you feel like family ,If you have any injuries I would advise picking this place over any other. I enjoyed my experience and every appointment I’ve came too and thank you to the team as well 💞 very sad this is my last day with them .
Mykell C.
16:04 02 Sep 20
Marcus C.
16:43 31 Aug 20
Great place it got me back in track real fast.
xhei H.
13:43 26 Aug 20
I had the best experience at Premier Physical Therapy. Their staff is so friendly and understanding as well as very knowledgeable. I went to 2 different locations and the service was superb across the board. And they have different types of equipment to use so whatever you need to get will again they have it.
Shawna M.
22:26 19 Aug 20
Incredible experience! Had a car accident and came in with pain and limited mobility. They were amazing to work with me each step in my recovery process and couldn’t recommend Dr Dan and Kaleigh and the team there at Premier!
Josh J.
01:11 19 Aug 20
Dr.Hirsh has been amazing! Very good therapist!
19:24 14 Aug 20
They did great work for me and helped me as much as they can great place
John T.
18:14 14 Aug 20
they are communicative and want to help
22:13 13 Aug 20
Extremely clean environment! The staff are not only professional but friendly,kind, & compassionate! Z & Dr. Misha are the best!#smallthanks
Rhonda B.
20:27 13 Aug 20
Premier has been a very pleasant experience for my husband. He is always greeted with a smile from Tracie the doctor's assistant. Tracie makes us feel welcome and at ease from the moment we walk in. The doctor is always very professional, and she's very hands on with all exercises and session. The establishment is very clean and well kept. I definitely would recommend Libertyville Premier physical therapy to my friends and family. Thank you ladies ❤️.
Stephanie J.
18:09 13 Aug 20
Excellent facility and very friendly and professional. Both Heather and Karolina are very knowledgeable and are very good at what they do. I'm glad I found this place! Highly recommend!
Scott H.
18:24 11 Aug 20
My therapy section experience was beauty. The therapist goes to any length to make sure one get well soonest. The other staff perform outstanding customer service.
Anslem B.
16:10 15 Jul 20
My experience with Premiere Physical Therapy in the west loop has been nothing short of amazing.The doctors and staff members are really personable and professional at all times.The staff at Premiere Physical Therapy is very hands on and knowledgeable throughout your session.I would recommend anyone to give Premiere Physical Therapy a try you won’t regret it...
Lonn D.
00:19 09 Jul 20
Best physical therapy Rula and Tania are the best they make you comfortable thank you girls this is the best physical therapy to go to.
dana D.
15:12 27 Jun 20
Muy limpio y muy buena atención de la trabajadora
Alejandro H.
00:06 21 Jun 20
Ammazing experience!The staff, environment, patient experience and convenience of Premier Physical Therapy in Orland Park are top notch.The therapists are so professional and extremely well informed about the latest protocols and best practices.They consult with each other continually; and they are great about educating patients on the recovery process.They offered us lots of ideas to maintain fitness, and maximize recovery.I would highly recommend this practice to anyone of any age or treatment scenario.Really Really excellent.
Hassan Mostafa A.
19:14 18 Jun 20
Great place for therapy. I've had a positive experience there every time. It's well maintained and I leave feeling well after each therapy session.
Sondos M.
00:03 12 Jun 20
They arw super nice here.
Natasha H.
05:56 03 Jun 20
Firstly, I thank God almighty who heals. All glory to God!!Secondly, This place is an amazing Spot for your physical therapy. Dr Bradley Hirsh is the best, he conducted his job in a professional way and the entire team is like a family, strong customer services that comes with an impeccable compassion for patients. Thanks guys for your service and God bless all of you.
Essien E.
21:34 01 Jun 20
Great people and literally my first official workout ever!!! Ha! 😜
Gin B
23:00 30 May 20
This is a location, the Staff is AMAZING. They calls to check me, and always available to assist. I love them
Nykole H.
18:20 22 May 20
Excellent attention and service ,very pretty buildings and Tracey alno she worries about my necessities,😃
18:56 19 Mar 20
Attention excellent and efficient 👌
Como hacerlo facil con S.
18:53 19 Mar 20
Timeka was vert helpful and patient. She made the whole experience pleasant and comfortable. I recommend going here for any physical therapy needs. They are always will to help and accommodate.
Henry T.
18:49 18 Mar 20
Super Cool Staff.!! Love the environment.!
Antoinette M.
20:28 16 Mar 20
I love this place Juwana and Dr.Muguel really has made a difference in my back pain I really love the atmosphere there ...my husband Tony comes with me to my sessions sometimes even though hes not a patient he loves this place also.
delores H.
15:50 13 Mar 20
This is a Awesome place for recovery the atmosphere here is the best the really have compassion for there patients and there well being
Angie L.
15:48 13 Mar 20
The facility here is amazing. The technicians are very attentive and are genuinely concerned about patient’s recovery. I would recommend this place to get you back in shape.
Derrick M.
14:21 12 Mar 20
Excellent service! Incredible Staff and Clean office! Friendly and super professional! Highly recommend! Feels like family 😭❤️ They had me feeling myself again in no time after my accident, I’m thoroughly impressed ❤️ Thank you guys so much!
Danielle G.
14:15 12 Mar 20
Great Awesome Service....I Recommend To Anyone.
Jasmine G.
20:31 11 Mar 20
Really enjoyed the staff working with me....I definitely recommend this place for anyone that needs Physical Therapy.
Michael J.
17:06 11 Mar 20
Y'all need to come to PPT to get your bones worked on! With the power of the lord and the power and the power of these amazing people I have felt so much better. I can actually sleep through the night feeling great. I feel the pain subside and I feel the peace in this place. The doctor is so smart and hands on, RoRo leaves the environment so vibrant with a happy energetic attitude and Timeka is always smiling when I come through the door. They are amazing and make me excited to come to therap . Thank god I found them
Gloria H.
20:19 10 Mar 20
The staff is so amazing here! I had a very good experience and over the course of my treatment, they were very friendly, cared and was able to answer any question I had about my pain and my treatment plan. I'm so glad I went to them. Thanks!!
Sylvia M.
17:50 10 Mar 20
The girls here at Premier physical therapy are the best they. They are very attentive to my needs and I really appreciate that...the hours are very flexible and accommodating...thanks guys keep up the good works 😊
Toyla S.
18:08 09 Mar 20
Amazing physical therapy clinic! They really care about getting you back to feeling no pain and focusing on making you better.
Yousef S
17:23 07 Mar 20
I highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy; not only did I achieve my goal of getting better, I had so much fun anytime I went there. They treat you with so much respect, and they are with you every step of the way. I wish I could give them 10 stars instead of 5 stars. BEATRICE
Irreplaceable Akosua Osei Y.
23:34 06 Mar 20
Thank YOU 😊 Dr. Dan and Kailey!! You are genuine, caring and kind. I appreciate your sincere efforts put forth for my well being and know I am receiving the best therapy!
MiguelDawna K.
23:31 06 Mar 20
Great service and detailed workouts for your exact Physique problems.
Terrell S.
17:19 06 Mar 20
Ibeth was very. Helful. With. My. Appts and. Kind And showing me how to. Do. My. Excercises . very. Professional and. Courteous. Very. Knowledge. Always. Willing. To. Help. Very compassion.
lu. lu. K.
16:24 06 Mar 20
I absolutely love this place and the service they provide to all of their patients. The ambience is friendly and welcoming. The employees really care about the patients and they give. They take your mind off the injury itself and engage with you to make you feel comfortable while services are being rendered. Dr. Maame is such a gentle doctor. She is very informative, patient, and positive. She knows her substance and she gives the best neck muscle massage. Haven is the life of the office. She is very charismatic and keeps us all smiling and ready for our next visit. Her temperament is very appropriate for this type of work. You can tell she is a humanitarian about how involved she is with each patient. Cynthia is a nice little soul and very gentle with the patience. I appreciate this place and the amazing experience that comes with it.
Tanishia B.
19:45 05 Mar 20
I absolutely love this place and the service they provide to all of your patience. The ambience is friendly and welcoming. The employees really care about the patients in the caregiving. They take your mind off the injury itself and engage with you to make you feel comfortable while services are being rendered. Dr. Maame is such a gentle doctor. She is very informative, patient, and positive. She knows her substance and she gives the best neck massages. Haven Is the life of the office. She is very charismatic and keeps us all smile and ready for our next visit. Her temperament is very appropriate for this type of work. You can tell she is a humanitarian by how involved she is with each patient. Cynthia is a nice little soul and very gentle with the patients. I appreciate this place and the amazing experience that comes with it.
Tanishia B.
19:41 05 Mar 20
Excelente lugar, me siento muy cómoda al entrar aquí kailey es muy amable contigo y siempre está al pendiente delo que necesitas. El doctor Dan es excelente con su trabajo y te trata muy bien, se los recomiendo.
Peke L.
19:21 05 Mar 20
Very professional and your facility is very clean if anyone needs PT 0T please it’s the only place you should go
Eunice M.
15:22 05 Mar 20
I love this center and the staff. They are so attentive and the place is always clean. I feel like the want to always make you feel your best and are keeping things organized. I recommend this center for anyone who needs it.
Alexis R.
15:07 05 Mar 20
Very caring physical therapists, they do a great job getting you back to not hurting anymore ❤️
Yousef S
23:34 04 Mar 20
Great people that truly care about your well being, thank you for your kind work to help me recuperate.
Albert H.
22:28 04 Mar 20
Wonderful staff and a great place to bring you back to great health.
Neisha A.
22:14 04 Mar 20
Since I’ve hurt my back and been coming to physical therapy it’s gotten so much better!! Thanks so much for the great staff and service.
Jonna C.
21:49 04 Mar 20
This place is vary helpful. Especially Heven and the doctor and the receptionist. These people have been vary helpful and respectful to me.
jaeceon B.
20:44 04 Mar 20
Excellent place i recommend this place they make sure you straight here
marlo J.
17:00 04 Mar 20
This is the most best and wonderful chiropractor I have ever been to they are they best, I wish I was able to keep it up but I can’t afford the prices
Tiffina L.
16:55 04 Mar 20
Great team and the doc is very informational ❤❤🥰
Kelz H.
22:57 03 Mar 20
I am committed to coming to physical therapy here three times a week due to my pain improving tremendously. I also feel very comfortable due to Dr. Mohamad's listening skills and care. I feel comfortable opening up about my pain and have hope working with him to reach highest level of comfort and care.
Aya H.
17:11 03 Mar 20
Best staff! Best service!
Abdullah A.
14:52 03 Mar 20
Rola is awesome!
Eada N.
22:10 02 Mar 20
The guys very beautiful friendly should be everyone's go to this place
John S.
18:24 02 Mar 20
I recommend this place to anyone who has gotten injured to come here. The PT is very professional & nice, and that even includes the secretary.
Alexander Gonzalez J.
18:01 28 Feb 20
Nice exercise place
Karen A.
11:35 25 Feb 20
Zoraida & Mrugesha are simply amazing. Therapy at Ashland has been a life changing experience. Its something that I look forward to every week. They make me feel right at home. Actually wish it didn’t have to end!
Keith M.
15:02 24 Feb 20
Most definitely above and beyond. Thank you Z and Dr.Misha for the flexibility and taking such great care of me the last six weeks. Given that we still have a few more months to go I trust the two of you will make sure I am in great shape when therapy is over.
Diana A.
02:24 21 Feb 20
Zoraida and Dr. Mrugesha are the BEST...I've been dealing with back pain due to a WC injury, this girls have been amazing taking care of me...I will recommend premier Ashland to everyone who is injured. I will miss my girls especially "Z"
Debra L.
22:20 20 Feb 20
I came in with my arm hurting and when inwas done it was a lot better
Kristie C.
16:51 11 Feb 20
Nice people. Rochelle & Tanya are great
Matthew W.
21:56 10 Feb 20
Dr. Mohamad, Rola and Alex are Great!!! I Love coming to Physical theraphy here. I get a great work out with a great staff......their Awesome!!!!!
Sheila P.
17:44 08 Feb 20
The staff there is amazing. (Dr. Rukmini & Tracey Lino) They're helpful and one of the best experiences I've had on my recovery. Kind and patient with you and compassionate & understanding. Great with relying messages or calling for appointment reminders as well.
Nicole O.
18:03 07 Feb 20
Excellent service. Highly recommended. State of the art facility and PT staff who really listen to you and care about your recovery and satisfaction
Justine R.
16:16 07 Feb 20
I love going to therapy I feel super welcome excellent staff kayle is super friendly just walking in I feel such a great vibe and the 1sr thing you see is her smile 😊 and doctor Dan is amazing super helpful and knowledgeable ever all I have never felt so welcome and comfortable in a therapist office I highly recommend this place. ❤❤❤
Jazmin F.
09:26 06 Feb 20
Excellent customer service and wonderful people that care for others.
Temarkus W.
22:31 04 Feb 20
The best physical therapy place to go I got injured on 10/17/19 when I went to premier physical therapy on Ashland and Irving park my pain level was 10 plus . I did 3/ months with physical therapy the staff was great they brought my pain level down to a 3 of course with me seeing my doctor . but this physical therapy helped me a lot .and I will definitely miss the staff . thank you team on Ashland and Irving park love y'all god bless
Yvonne G.
15:53 02 Feb 20
Premier Physical Therapy is an excellent place to go for therapy. My therapist and assistant is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of physical therapy. "
Mary P.
02:38 01 Feb 20
I can't say enough good things about this place and the staff that make it happen there. Too much time had passed since my injury and I was sure that I was beyond helping, but Dr. Dan really worked his magic and today I am pain free. His enthusiasm is contagious and I am forever grateful for Dr. Dan's dedication to my personal well being.
Gina K
18:53 31 Jan 20
This place is great!Keisha Grant THEY OPEN AT 8!
Timothy S.
15:12 30 Jan 20
Premier Physical Therapy in Chicago Heights is very great when it come to customer service, as well as, motivation. I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, thinking that I will never get better after the accident. Thanks to Dr. Miguel and Juwana the office coordinator for not only pushing me mentally but physically as well. I know have positive thoughts about my recovery I am getting better and smiling more and more each day.
antoinette M.
17:47 29 Jan 20
Great staff that is really passionate about making u feel better
Melvin K.
11:04 29 Jan 20
Very friendly people comfortable place and the therapy is helping me immensely Tracey Lino and Rukmini are great people doing a great job
Pat W.
19:12 23 Jan 20
Great place to choose for physical therapy. The staff is informative and understanding of limitations and schedule. Everyone there has a welcoming personality.
Greg M.
05:07 22 Jan 20
Tracey is the best. Very helpful and knowledgeable. The same goes for therapist Rukmini.
Gary T.
21:36 21 Jan 20
Buen servicio.
Jose luis H.
01:02 21 Jan 20
I just wanted to share my experience at being with Premier physical therapy and Joliet I wanted to let everybody know it has been a wonderful and a great experience the professionalism here is South standing the level of kindness is so appreciated and the young ladies that work here they are the good manager Jackie the good doctor Sana. And co-manager Rola. so if you guys are having any issues that have to dress with physical therapy this is the place to come Premier in Joliet Illinois this is a verified user God bless.
Brenda B.
19:57 17 Jan 20
When I come to therapy Tracey Lino makes the experience so enjoyable, she is very pleasant and a nice person! The therapy has helped me a lot and I feel very good after leaving. I highly recommend this location for physical therapy . The therapist Rukmini is great as well.
Roberto R.
15:58 17 Jan 20
Kristina and Heather were knowledgable about my neuropathy condition and were enthusiastic in handling my therapy.
John Z.
00:53 15 Jan 20
Great And Friendly Staff, Always Willing To Help !
20:11 14 Jan 20
Everyone here is just excellent. Super friendly they make me feel comfortable. I will miss going here once my time is complete! I've also been learning a lot as well! Nothing but the best! Thanks for everything!
Eric Gonzalez (.
18:30 10 Jan 20
Great people, after a couple sessions, I felt better and am able to go back to work. Very understanding of personal issues
Luis B.
14:23 09 Jan 20
Who would have thought that I’d look forward to physical therapy? Premier PT in Chicago Heights is so welcoming and inclusive. Dr. Miguel sets the perfect tone of working hard, not over doing it, and making it enjoyable. He is so knowledgeable, gentle, and kind. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
Jamie H.
04:53 09 Jan 20
The staff is very pleasant and professional. It was always easy to get an appointment & I felt like a patient and not a number and my needs were always met. I would highly recommend them.
tracy H.
00:26 08 Jan 20
Dr Hirsh and his assistants at the Oak Park location were miracle workers. They made you feel right at home when you walked through the doors. Thanks again for everything you do.
Steve S.
05:33 25 Dec 19
Tanya, Dr. Rochelle and Dr. Chris are extremely King and knowledgeable. They all make you feel comfortable, personalizing all the necessary exercises and stretches you need. I would definitely recommend the Evergreen location if you are looking for a clean facility and a great staff for your PT journey.
Tonia R.
16:51 23 Dec 19
Great atmosphere excellent staff very attentive they do a great job I recommend that u go here for all physical therapy needs everything is on point
071 W.
16:52 20 Dec 19
Premier Physical Therapy in Evergreen Park. I have been going to this office for Therapy for 2 month. Tanya and Chris is the best without their help I would not be feeling better. My experience with them is Excellent very nice and kind. I recommended this place to be the best for anyone with pain. After you finished hear you will be pain free. Thans for all your help.
Fern A.
18:42 19 Dec 19
Premier Therapy, I absolutely love this office. When I was told I have to come 3x’s a week, I was kind of worried about finding time. But since I’ve started and I’ve gotten to meet Dr Miguel and Joanna, I seriously look forward to my visits with them. It’s a GREAT feeling when you can go into an office get treated for pain and also learn new ways of self body healing, plus enjoying the atmosphere and good conversations. I’m on my way to being pain free, all thanks to Premier Therapy.
Maggie G.
16:38 18 Dec 19
The stuff here are amazing!
Shana M.
20:51 14 Dec 19
I love it here very nice service I will recommend this to everyone Dr.Miguel and juwanna are very nice and professional...makes me feel at home .
Elda G.
18:58 13 Dec 19
Friendly people and great service provided. Highly recommended.
Jason C.
15:21 12 Dec 19
Benito R.
23:23 11 Dec 19
I highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy in Roselle. Great staff ..... professional, knowledgeable, and welcoming. After 4 weeks of therapy with Dr. Dan, I'm free of the pain I've been experiencing for almost a year. I also learned exercises to continue at home to keep my legs strong. I'm glad I chose to have therapy at this clinic. It was a good experience!
16:46 04 Dec 19
RoRo and tanya are the best along with the rest of the staff great attitudes and very friendly
Melvin K.
16:15 27 Nov 19
Absolutely love this place.... this is my very first pt experience and when I tell you it has been nothing less than amazing. Juwana and Rola and the other girls along with Dr.Miguel are so welcoming and inviting. Such great vibes and energy for the Breakfast club ❤️ truly have become family ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shaila C.
15:45 27 Nov 19
Great customer services and great physical therapy.
Arkeito W.
05:30 26 Nov 19
Dr. Dan and his staff were very friendly and attentive.Thank you for everything!
Diana S.
16:25 22 Nov 19
Premier is awesome! They are very professional and they really work with you! Aris Q. Is always so polite and really shows that she cares about my progress! Thanks for being great!
Angel C.
18:20 21 Nov 19
I had a really great experience at Premier Physical Therapy. I ended up choosing Premier for my physical therapy needs, as the reviews were amazing. Upon going there for my therapy, I also would say my experience was superb. The staff and Rochelle, the therapist, were just phenomenal. The pain in my back still hasn’t gone away fully, but this has nothing to do with Premier. I think the issue I have is more severe then what therapy can provide, at this time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PREMIER FOR ALL YOUR THERAPY NEEDS. The staff is 5 stars along with the establishment. If I ever need to choose a therapy, I will definitely return to Premier.
Katie K.
22:33 19 Nov 19
Premier physical therapy is my first physical therapy experience I have no complaints the doctor and staff were great very attentive and helpful Thankyou premier physical therapy for helping me and my family get through this rough time
W2o2 S.
16:19 15 Nov 19
Tracy,Maddie, Tracey & Mete are great!!!! The only thing I don't like is they're closed on Friday!!!!!
Jacquelynne R.
13:10 14 Nov 19
Was in town briefly for work and experiencing neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Dan was amazing from the the initial consultation through the weekly sessions. Still using the daily exercises he recommended and have relieved the majority of my discomfort. I scoured google for reviews from several other places and ultimately decided to go here and can assure you all the praise is true. There can be several patients at a time, but each gets the attention they need throughout each session. Can’t give them enough stars. Highly recommend!
Tim G.
20:43 08 Nov 19
I appreciate that Dr Collins is always happy to share his in-depth knowledge of the mechanics behind the issue being addressed.My issues are on-going, but with the help of the caring staff here I expect to be able to avoid surgery!I am dealing with multiple hip & leg issues. His initial assessment and prescribed exercises & stretches target the issues specifically. Once I had imaging done, it confirmed his diagnosis AND provided further detail. In turn, he made slight tweaks to the exercises to ensure we’re addressing my issues as thoroughly as possible.The staff (I have worked primarily with Monique, Rolla, and Tamika) has been warm & friendly and happy to assist in any way.In general they’ve been flexible with scheduling and even adapted to my re-scheduling appointments on short notice.
Wesley G.
21:24 21 Oct 19
These guys are great! Awesome PT, great receptionist. BEST. PRICE. EVER.
02:59 18 Oct 19
Every doctor and employee that I encountered in any and all of my sessions showed nothing but extreme kindness, compassion, and care. Everyone is so nice and they always ensure my comfort and happiness. Customer service is beyond excellent. The clinic is always so clean and organized. Employees are always cleaning and sanitizing the equipment, which gives me peace of mind. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to care for me after this amazing experience with them. Thank you to the premier physical therapy team, you are all truly appreciated.
Rafeef M.
17:02 11 Oct 19
They did way more then any of the other I have went to for therapy an after my surgery I'm going to ask to come back her the whole staff are nice an respectful an I would send people i know here thanks too the whole team for helping me out
james S.
19:57 09 Oct 19
Nice physical therapy place.Helped me a lot with my back and neck pain.
Biniam A.
16:56 09 Oct 19
Most definitely a place of choice ! They make you feel comfortable and really cared for. There is never a bad day at this place !! I highly recommend. Tracey Lino & Mete are amazing!
Brianna U.
17:31 08 Oct 19
Mae and Marissa truly care about their clients. They are respectful and helpful. They will push you to your limits to help make you feel better but they won't ever over due it. They will help you with any questions you may have and treat you like family.
14:48 07 Oct 19
Mo' Money & Rola (RoRo) make you feel like family and they care about you as much as you care about yourself. Matt (the doc) is very informative and helpful. He is a wealth of knowledge which can be overwhelming for some, but don't fret and don't be overwhelmed. He cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable at what he does.
14:46 07 Oct 19
Great group would recommend to everyone
Willam R.
18:50 05 Oct 19
I have had "Ther Best" care with all the employees.. Dr Mohamad Dr Ahmed,. are fabulous.. Kind, and genuinely caring.. including thier assistance Rola, Aris.. Thank you for your healing hands.. I have been so blessed to be treated by them..
Deb R.
17:34 05 Oct 19
I'm so greatful that I've had the opportunity to have Dr. Maumee, and Cynthia to aid in my physical and mental growth during my drastic life change. They were the key to help me get stronger and help me find acceptance in being permanently injured. Life stopped and began again for me at Premier Physical Therapy in Munster IN! Congratulations....to Cynthia and Dr. Maumee for being the cheerleaders I needed to strive through all my pain!!!
20:23 03 Oct 19
Great staff and care!
Marlen S.
22:22 23 Sep 19
I was having issues with the peripheral neuropathy in my feet (drug-induced, not diabetes), and was looking for alternatives to taking more medication. After looking on the Mayo Clinic site, I discovered a treatment called laser anodyne therapy, which is offered at Premier PT. Everything about my experience was top notch. Misha, my therapist, did a full history to understand my issues. The staff is very professional, caring and competent. I am happy to say that after 12 treatments, I am feeling so much better! I was able to reduce the medication (and as a result, the side effects), and I am experiencing a huge reduction in pain. Thanks to everyone!
Elyse D.
15:07 23 Sep 19
I've had back issues for a long time and tried many different Physical Therapists. I started seeing Mrugesha at the Ashland/Irving Park location in the spring and had a lot of success. I felt that I was truly attended to and that my issues were important to correct. Zoraida was also amazing and always helpful. If I ever need PT again, I'll definitely come to this location.
Emily L.
18:44 20 Sep 19
Guess what!, I rather skip coffee, and come to Physical Therapy.
Delma D.
18:30 19 Sep 19
Dr. Dan was very patient and attentive to my physical issues. He is professional and also quite knowledgeable in his field.
betty G.
02:41 17 Sep 19
My experience at Premier Physical Therapy located in Orland Park, Illinois was positive one. Doctor Mohammad Y Joudeh was excellent (as were all the doctors I encountered) and so were the physical therapists. I went there in excruciating pain and left there practically pain free. I am now without pain and able to return to work. I cannot say enough good things about the care you will be given at Premier Physical Therapy and highly recommend this facility to anyone seeking relief from any type of physical pain. M. Brooks
Manderlon B.
18:32 13 Sep 19
Monee & Rola are the best. They really made this experience better for me. The physical therapy helped me out a lot 💯❤️💕
Tashona P.
16:03 08 Sep 19
Truly appreciate the help I have been offered. The girls at this location are fantastic. They are very charismatic, always ask if I need help or water. The doctor is smart and knowledgeable. I'm grateful for the experience I have had.
Comfort L
13:48 04 Sep 19
Staff was very friendly and Dr.Amponsah was very through when giving descriptions on how to do the exercises. I would highly recommend this location.
Lady T
11:55 01 Sep 19
My technicians are so great very motivating super nice . Rola and Monique are the best love you guys they are the best hands down !! They stay on me to keep coming and I appreciate it. Recommended
Jaquata H.
20:46 28 Aug 19
Great service, wonderful staff, very helpful and always smiling faces! Doc is very nice!
lee hodges I.
21:02 27 Aug 19
I want to start by saying that I’ve seen all doctors and specialists under the Sun (physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, Massage therapist, acupuncturist) before I came to this Clinic. I can say that nowhere did I find anyone that gave me relief from all the back ,leg ,hip and shoulder pain I’ve experienced for more than 20 years. Not only the doctor is kind and very welcoming, but also for every session I took, I’ve learned new things about my body and how it eventually got better. Dr. Clement has this particular way of figuring out all the muscle imbalance. Once that's done, he works on treating the physical aspect of the problem. By combining both, your body is able to heal faster and in the most wonderful way, He has other ways of treating his patients. All sessions are explained very well, making sure that everything is done while understanding what’s happening. He will listen to every single detail brought forward and take impeccable notes. He use different tricks and sometimes if he has to refer you to the right people, he makes sure to explain the reason why its needed and how it can improve your body faster.I will like to thank Dr.Clement for all the hard work done while I was being treated.
tahani T.
16:56 26 Aug 19
I absolutely love Dr. Dan & his staff!! I have worked in the medical field for over 15 yrs & Dr. Dan is one of the most knowledgeable, professional, nicest, committed physicians I know!! He truly cares about his patients and he has the right blend of techniques and knowledge to help you recover! I came to him some months ago in pretty bad shape from a car accident. He nursed me back to health and was very supportive even when I got bad news about my health. A very welcoming facility that cares!! I felt like a part of the family everytime I visited. And to the staff I have not forgotten your treats I promise to drop off 🙂
03:10 19 Aug 19
Mete, Maddie & Tracy are excellent! They have worked well together to help me recover from my injury. Tracy is wonderful with working with me to get me in for treatment around my constantly changing work schedule & she always has a smile.Mete & Maddie both are friendly & professional. They make sure I know exactly what I am doing. They have helped me feel so much better.All three of them make coming to therapy enjoyable.
Lucy B.
16:19 15 Aug 19
I started out at a different physical therapy company and cannot emphasize enough how much better the atmosphere and therapy was at PPT. Right from my first visit with Dr. Mohamad and Rola (they were filling in for the regular staff that was on vacation) I was confident in Dr. Mohamad's knowledge and their dedication to a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Mohamad even emailed my exercises with videos. After just few visits I began to see improvements. When Dr. Carolina and Heather returned they continued to monitor my progress, adjust my treatment program and add new exercised. They maintain a very positive and encouraging atmosphere at the office. Under Dr. Carolina's care I continued to improve and am doing much better. They hae both inspired me to continue with my exercise regimen after I am released.
Arlene R.
01:46 15 Aug 19
Mete, Tracy and Maddie are a great team at this location. They explain everything clearly, from billing/insurance coverage, to the exercises and treatment recommendations. I have come here a number of times for various injuries. They have a number of different machines and treatment modalities. My husband has also been a patient here for back injuries. They are careful not to overdo or to let the patient overdo! Friendly and knowledgeable folks! Flexible scheduling. Highly recommend.
Kris G.
21:39 14 Aug 19
Friendly environment
Vonzetta W.
15:58 13 Aug 19
I've had the best experience Premier Physical Therapy. I've gone for PT in the past and had more pain the next day than when I started. This is what sets Premier apart - the staff. They took the time to fully understand my needs and then worked with me on a program just right for me. I can't thank them enough for getting me healthy again.
Mike W.
16:21 09 Aug 19
This is a nice place i reccomend going here , they work around your schedule and they have a very friendly environment
Laveda B.
16:44 08 Aug 19
I have had a great experience with this location/facility. The 2 young women are awesome. The Doctor is really great he explains things well and it seems as tho he and his staff cares. Good Job Guy and Gals!!!
Felicia B.
21:21 07 Aug 19
Honestly 1 of the best places I've ever been they were very professional knew what they were talking about and had me feeling much better in no time.I highly recommended any and everyone to come here.Special thanks to my technicians Monique and Rola they're the BEST
Demetrius L.
18:05 07 Aug 19
Staff members; Met, Maddie and Tracy were wonderful. Tracy was very patient with me switching back and forth the scheduled times due to my busy job. The whole staff was attentive and encouraging. And I have to add very warm and friendly. I really feel like I can come back on occasions to say hi.
Alicia D.
16:44 07 Aug 19
Great service and Amazing people.
Davon M.
15:05 07 Aug 19
The ladies here are real cool. I enjoyed their company they always make me laug . They fun peopl . I like coming to my appts because they make it fun for me.
Cynyhia B.
14:47 07 Aug 19
I came here after shattering my femur and breaking my pelvis after a semi truck accident. The staff here is extremely friendly. They work with you on scheduling, exercises on-site, exercises for home, and electronic stimulation. Everyone is extremely friendly and easy to work with. I have felt no pressure rehabbing here. The entire staff has been extremely personable and professional. I would recommend this place to anyone after a catastrophe injury who needs emotional, physical, and psychological support. 5 stars
doug J.
05:11 07 Aug 19
My experience with the staff at Orland and South Loop has been great! Rola, Dr. Mohammed Hassan, and Monique always has a smile and great conversation. They treat everyone like family I honestly enjoy my visits with the staff. Very welcoming staff! I’ll miss them once I’m done!
Shea T.
16:16 03 Aug 19
Monique and Rola have been a great help throughout my process of recovery.I have received tremendous support at every single visit. Because of their professionalism I have suggested this facilities service others.
Troy G.
18:18 02 Aug 19
Cynthia and the DOC!!!!!!
xo O.
04:19 01 Aug 19
they are very personal service and help with anything you need for PT.
Justin M.
18:15 31 Jul 19
Mete, Maddie & Tracy are fantastic. They have helped me feel better after my work accident. They are the perfect amount of friendly and professional.
Armand T.
16:48 31 Jul 19
The ladys are very nice n respectful they make sure u get your therpy going on i love this place
Tasha O.
17:10 26 Jul 19
Really great place to come get rehab. The PT is great and really knows his stuff. And the staff is super friendly and on time.
Mayah S.
16:23 26 Jul 19
Excellent services!
Seretha P.
19:06 25 Jul 19
There great people they make me feel good Misha is great
Juan N.
12:55 25 Jul 19
Great experience! everyone was so friendly and helpful and always more than eager to do anything possible in order to make things easier. it’s a great clinic.
Sharifa S.
20:49 24 Jul 19
They are nice people who help me a lot to fix and remove my shoulder pain ,I would like to thank everybody .
19:32 22 Jul 19
Roma & Dr. J are enthusiastically involved in the success of your recovery and full JOY!!!
15:20 20 Jul 19
A must go very helpful and gives great service.
Rod J.
10:11 19 Jul 19
It's small and the staff is great!!!
Danni P
21:18 18 Jul 19
William L.
17:54 15 Jul 19
Really great rehab the doctor there knows what the hell is going on
Pat N.
03:24 14 Jul 19
Love this place... the ppl are so nice and helpful... highly recommended
C J.
13:35 11 Jul 19
I love you guys
Zyra R.
22:55 10 Jul 19
The staff is friendly and supportive. The doctor was gentle and informative. I started feeling better right away and felt I have the tools to continue improving. I definitely recommend Premier and will return if I need pt in the future.
15:52 07 Jul 19
Great staff, very happy with services provided!
Ken K.
18:16 03 Jul 19
Tracy at the Front Desk is awesome, she really helps me make sure the appoitments work for me or helps so it works with my schedule. Maddie my physical therapist does a great job asking me questions to find out what the best therapy would be for that day. I hope I do not have to come back with any other injuries but if I do I am definetly coming back here!!!
Adriel O.
22:38 02 Jul 19
I’m finally able to run again pain-free! I’m so grateful for the exercises Dan showed me and will continue to use them to keep my legs strong and healthy.
Allison G.
03:03 02 Jul 19
I Love the atmosphere and the location...I Really appreciate how Dr. Johnson can relate to any and everyone I love that the staff is always friendly and helpful.... I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE OAK- PARK LOCATION
Marie D M.
16:33 28 Jun 19
I have been going here for the past 3 weeks and the staff has done nothing but make us feel welcome and cared for. I loved how kind they have been to my husband and i and would recommend this facility to anyone. Doctor Mohammad is very intelligent and Rolla is gem! We will be telling our friends and family
mary B.
16:10 21 Jun 19
Everyone was great! Karolina, Maddy and Mo were fantastic!
Sean Z
15:31 21 Jun 19
This is such a wonderful place to go for Physical Therapy...the staff is Amazing...very nice & welcoming...they work with you and give you the right tools to help you get better...if I could give them 10 stars I would...because of them I got part of my life back...Great Job PPT Team...and a special thanks to Dr. Joudeh & Dr. Ahmed who both takes there time working with patients individually...they are very experienced & has So much knowledge about every injury...they know exactly where the root of the problem is and will put there hands right on it...you Doctors are Awesome!....I would recommend this place to anyone I know who needs Therapy and will come back myself!
16:24 17 Jun 19
Premier Physical Therapy is the BEST!It gives not only the ability to walk and work for longer time pain free, but also gives us a sense of well-being in a very supportive and friendly environment. Great and professional staff.
Hassan Mostafa A.
19:13 13 Jun 19
Dr. Dan is awesome and Heather is awesome, they work great together.
Lisa T.
18:04 13 Jun 19
Everyone was very nice and accommodating. Dr Joudeh and Dr. Ahmed are both very knowledgeable and helpful. Melissa always provided pleasant customer service. I would come back to this location if I ever needed physical therapy again.
Zachary J.
14:47 31 May 19
I absolutely love this place!!! Staff are very friendly and fun. This has been my first experience taking physical therapy and it's been very enjoyable thanks to such amazing people. They are always going above and beyond to make sure I'm comfortable and my needs are met. My treatments have been very effective which makes going to work that much easier!! Mete is very patient and knowledgeable. Tracey is so sweet and professional and she makes physical therapy fun. I love her!! Highly recommend this place to anybody who's looking for high quality physical therapy!!! You wont regret it!!
ericka F.
20:07 30 May 19
I am very thankful for your service.Misha and Belem are great.I always love coming here.
Carlos P.
14:23 29 May 19
The staff was very friendly😊
shona W.
17:50 26 May 19
I love at at help me a work out
Lee D.
15:55 06 May 19
Muy buen servicio de terapia!!
Maritza E.
20:04 29 Apr 19
Very dedicated to their job. Always enjoyed my therapy visits because it was more like getting my knees right but good life discussions as well. I will definitely refer my family and friends that require therapy
Rochelle B.
14:47 24 Apr 19
Great costumer service,great doctors very knowledgeable and helpful.
Shannon T.
15:55 04 Apr 19
Dr. Joudeh was very knowledgeable and attentive trying to get my knee stronger. He also helped in trying to get my MRI approved with my insurance. I would recommend.
David K.
13:54 01 Apr 19
Great experience everyone was just great. From Dr to the receptionist. She was just wonderful and polite.
Duncan B.
04:32 30 Mar 19
Vanessa and Dr. Johnson are both kind and caring. They helped me with my month and a half journey of recovery! They listen and they are helpful with anything that is being asked. I would recommend to friends and family! Thank you!
Sorceress E.
14:29 29 Mar 19
Very good customer service, the doctor challenged me to get better at physical fitness 👍🏽👍🏽
Serena H.
16:59 28 Mar 19
The Dr and Jahnel are a good team!
15:27 27 Mar 19
Great staff very friendly and great work!
John D.
17:31 25 Mar 19
I recommend this place to anyone who has any body pain, I learned A lot about posture and strengthening my core. The staff is excellent and take the time to teach you well in order for you to be on your way to recovery. I am thankful for coming here.
Theodore R.
14:46 22 Mar 19
Despues de mi accidente he tenido mis terapias en este lugar. He tenido un buen progreso atraves de las terapias. Excelemte personal y excelente servicio. Lo recomiendo.
gloria C.
13:47 20 Mar 19
Got into a car accident and Did 12 sessions with Misha and Z they were definitely professional and always super chill. I am pain free and would highly recommend. Thanks ladies .
Rene R.
19:37 15 Mar 19
The staff and experience was great. They were very professional and helped me recover.
Andy K.
01:59 15 Mar 19
Best place for phisical therapy
Samuel S.
17:32 14 Mar 19
I love the team at PPT! They are very professional and have great personalities!
Myra C.
17:30 14 Mar 19
I was very happy with my therapy at Premier! Cynthia was welcoming and very friendly when I walked in. Dr. Ahmed was so kind and gentle with my broken humerus. I was able to avoid frozen shoulder and completed therapy 3 weeks early! Dr. Ahmed was Ah-mazing with the deep massage he would give me, which made me feel so good for the rest of the day!
Robert K.
18:32 03 Mar 19
It was a good experience. Am I cured totally no...did I go from bent over to standing yes!The therapists were knowledgeable about their craft and Rochelle (along with other staff) did not mind answering the barrage of questions I had. They were polite and made me feel comfortable. Let's hope I dont require further/future therapy, but jic....I'm electing this office as my provider.
K B.
18:49 01 Mar 19
Both Rachel and Jenae were awesome, very attentive to all my needs, patient, and make the atmosphere fun.
lala95 L.
17:18 28 Feb 19
great service,great therapy.Dr Misha and staff are professional.
Abderrahman C.
20:55 26 Feb 19
I am 28 weeks pregnant and was involved in an accident a month ago my doctor refered me to premier physical therapy at Ashland and Irving park and Dr Misha did a great job on me. I'm much appreciated dr Misha, thanks for making me feel myself again.
cynthia A.
19:59 26 Feb 19
Best company to receive physical therapy from. The staff is extremely attentive and accommodating.
Blayze S.
14:09 25 Feb 19
Very friendly and professional staff.
Stanley W.
11:13 23 Feb 19
I had a great experience working withthr doctor and his assistant Vanessa. Working with me as a patient to get me back on my feet and back into work. I was in a car accident a little over 6 weeks ago and had a hard time with getting myself back to normal as far as working, lifting things at work being able to have motion back in my neck, my knees and othet parts of my body that needed working on due to the car accident that i was in. Going there and being able to strengthen myself back to normal with regular everyday activities i would highly recommend this place for therapy and you work at your own pace. And because of being treated and worked on there i feel 100%+ better and am back to work. So thanks to the great people at Premier Physical Therapy i am better now.
Mike F.
21:51 21 Feb 19
Great staff, very helpful and careful throughout recovery process
Daxx L.
11:50 18 Feb 19
Wonderful experience & environmentI can honestly say I looked forward to going each time. Vanessa you rock girl and "Doc" you're amazing I thought I wasn't gonna get through this but you both proved me wrong. Thank you both
Whitney G.
19:44 13 Feb 19
Premier is professional and cares about its patients. I was well attended and provided a tailored exercise program for my needs. I recommend it to anyone seeking an individualized exercise regimentation or has experienced an injury needing physical therapy. Prices are reasonable and the care top notch.
Deb U.
03:48 12 Feb 19
Found the staff competent and friendly.
Gary O.
02:08 04 Feb 19
Great place!
Skater G.
14:46 02 Feb 19
Staff is fantastic very kinda and helpful.
Alice H.
05:00 02 Feb 19
Great staff and excellent experience they do great therapy work.
Gregory T.
17:17 21 Jan 19
Physical work out really great
Curtis D.
16:57 08 Jan 19
Friendly and professional staffs
hamed A.
12:32 06 Jan 19
Everyone is great and very helpful!
frances A.
01:40 03 Jan 19
Clean facility and staff is very fast and friendly.
Elizabeth R.
19:39 31 Dec 18
Premier Physical Therapy is the best therapy that I've ever been to there so great here I would recommend them to everyone
Antione C.
17:31 31 Dec 18
Good place to receive treatment if you are injured.
Christian F.
16:45 31 Dec 18
Excellent care great oeople
Laura F.
08:45 28 Dec 18
Great place to get back to 100%.
Paulette M.
22:48 23 Dec 18
Thanks to the terrific team of therapists.Karolina and Heather I am so grateful in your terrific service you provided to me. THANKS JAMES
James K.
15:18 20 Dec 18
I love going to premier therapy they really help you get better
Dontae A.
20:18 19 Dec 18
When l walked in l was welcomed staff are so helpful with all my exercise no regrets about how well l get back on my feet
Adetola O.
19:50 13 Dec 18
Excellent care and great therapist’s. I’ve been at premier physical therapy for about 2 months regarding disk bulge and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. Both Mesha and Z have been very helpful, accommodating and professional. I highly recommend PPT.
Mudasar A.
18:00 12 Dec 18
This is a great place to come. they do excellent work, the staff here is very excellent Dr Ahmed is very good and Baha does an amazing job as well.
Lionel L Conner C.
16:51 12 Dec 18
Very good experience with recovery plans well tailored for each individual issue. Super friendly!
Pat D.
19:02 10 Dec 18
I would highly recommend this place great staff
Joe P.
19:13 07 Dec 18
Love this place & everyone in here make you feel like family. They really take good care of you & help you get through your pain and work hard at it.
MeGa_ M.
14:37 04 Dec 18
Great place to get physical therapy. Very friendly staff and excellent services
Blunted One (At: B.
22:47 03 Dec 18
Very nice staff always clean make it fun for there patients🤗
Claudia R.
21:46 03 Dec 18
Great experience very knowledgeable friendly I was in very much pain and now I feel I see 100% percent differents way better and I Learned some new techniques thank you very much for working with my crazy schedule 🙂
pb J.
18:15 03 Dec 18
I love the staff, they are really patient and work with you to get you back on your feet the mad scientist and her little helper thanks girls
Jose G.
17:56 03 Dec 18
This place is the most caring person. Very good equipment to work on there not lazy and they want to help you get better.
Christine D.
17:41 03 Dec 18
Very professional and good healing environment. I highly recommend this facility. The nurses are very hands on and friendly.
Alonzo S.
08:25 30 Nov 18
This is an great place for physical therapy
Correll D.
20:29 29 Nov 18
I enjoy coming to my appointments the staff make you feel welcomed.
Dontay C.
19:18 29 Nov 18
Very friendly, super supportive to your needs I recommend anyone to this therapeutic greatness!!!!
Corvette S.
15:42 29 Nov 18
The staff here are very great the doctor takes care of your needs helps you on your way to recovery. I highly recommend this place for therapy
Lenard T.
18:21 28 Nov 18
Vanessa rocks at the front desk. Very helpful and accommodating to needs of transportation and rescheduling. Definitely recommend.
Elias P.
15:58 28 Nov 18
Best therapy clinic ever.
Ibukun A.
03:45 23 Nov 18
The staff are wonderful they treat me like I am family & make sure I get to Therapy!
Shirley B.
18:39 15 Nov 18
Excellent staff especially Tracy, Maddie and Matt. I would highly recommend. Very friendly and supportive staff.
P F.
16:22 15 Nov 18
Karolina has a magic touch. Never felt better. Highly recommend.
Weronika D.
17:18 14 Nov 18
Since I hurt my knee back and September this is the 1st place that actually feels like you're doing something to help
Shawn G.
18:18 09 Nov 18
Parking lot is sometimes crowded
Paul J
18:14 07 Nov 18
Premier PT is the place to go! They worked with me in great detail to gain the mobility and strength back into my hand. Very professional, friendly and a welcoming environment. I'd highly recommend coming here for any kind of PT needed.
Art E.
22:53 05 Nov 18
I was in PT after ACL Reconstruct, Meniscus debridement. I started 2 weeks after surgery and for a middle aged man the effort and workout I was given by Dr. Joudeh was excellent. In the past I made it to PT after surgery for one or two visits and questioned the value. With Dr. Joudeh you realize you get what you put into it and if you follow his instructions you get better much quicker. I am six weeks post op and cant believe how good I feel. I am using elipticals, rowing machines and stair master on a daily basis. Did not plan on these results at this pace. What a great Physical Therapist, and a great person is what I think of Dr. J.
Joe A.
21:34 01 Nov 18
amazing place for PT the therapist is very smart and will work with you in everyway she can
Justin M.
19:44 01 Nov 18
I'm really satisfied with my therapy. Dr. Johnson and the staff are wonderful and caring. They have so much knowledge that you're able to take the information home and apply the exercises to your daily task. If you ever go for therapy you will not be disappointed!
Shalaina C.
14:19 26 Oct 18
Excellent care at this facility and promt service.
Nosayaba A.
16:58 19 Oct 18
Honestly the best place that I've had physical therapy at. The staff are very polite but yet push you in a good way to get better. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is in need.
Marcus P.
15:46 19 Oct 18
Very friendly staff, had a pleasant time while attending physical therapy.
Blanca V.
16:20 18 Oct 18
Hands down the best!- Professionals dedicated to the well-being of their clients/patients- 100% focused on the individual and their respective needs- Welcoming and patient staff- Attentive and informative- Office(s) are very spacious, clean and organizedPrior to this, I had never been to a physical therapist, but my doctor recommended I see one for my lower back, hand, and leg pain. Since I’ve started physical therapy my pain is more manageable and I can sleep!Each of the staff members I have interacted with are both courteous and professional. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Karolina and Heather (they work with me at two different locations) and I found them to be both friendly and professional at all times. Together they have made me feel confident in a full recovery, they’ve given me the knowledge to understand what the problems were and how to best address them to heal properly.How's this for service? They have never complained about having me make last minute changes to my scheduled appointments, have answered all my questions, and encourage communication to ensure I’m making progress.I am giving this magnificent team only 5 stars because there aren't more I'm allowed to give on Google.
Antonio F.
23:52 17 Oct 18
Hands down the best!- Professionals dedicated to the well-being of their clients/patients- 100% focused on the individual and their respective needs- Welcoming and patient staff- Attentive and informative- Office(s) are very spacious, clean and organizedPrior to this, I had never been to a physical therapist, but my doctor recommended I see one for my lower back, hand, and leg pain. Since I’ve started physical therapy my pain is more manageable and I can sleep!Each of the staff members I have interacted with are both courteous and professional. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Karolina and Heather (they work with me at two different locations) and I found them to be both friendly and professional at all times. Together they have made me feel confident in a full recovery, they’ve given me the knowledge to understand what the problems were and how to best address them to heal properly.How's this for service? They have never complained about having me make last minute changes to my scheduled appointments, have answered all my questions, and encourage communication to ensure I’m making progress.I am giving this magnificent team only 5 stars because there aren't more I'm allowed to give on Google.
Antonio F.
23:50 17 Oct 18
Great staff! Very helpful and knowlegable with the ability to encourage you to do your best.
Carol Ann L.
16:05 17 Oct 18
Karolina is a wonderful Physical Therapist, Maddie a great physical therapist assistant and I love Heather and Jackie. They are always taking care of me so well with smiles and also great fun- never a dull moment! They are super flexible with their times or if I need to change an appointment. I also love how I can use their workout equipment for my entire body, not just for my injured body part.I HIGHLY recommend Premier Physical Therapy!
Snowbunny Dutch R.
16:03 17 Oct 18
The epitome of professional and personal care. All of the staff provide care on the level you would want your family member to be cared for. Dr. Joudah and his aid, Baha, are in the clinic most days. They provide physical therapy and engage you as if you are a long time friend. If you are suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery, or just trying to maintain your flexibility, do yourself a favor and come to Premier Physical Therapy.
Blayze S.
15:46 16 Oct 18
Everyone is very helpful nice friendly people the physical therapy works I feel great
Leslie B.
15:24 15 Oct 18
It was great
Tami M.
21:36 12 Oct 18
Dr. Baha is excellent and very friendly..
HighEnd E.
16:44 10 Oct 18
Great staff! Really enjoyed coming here. Dr. Joudeh cares so much about each and every patient that comes thru the door, you rarely see that anymore. I was skeptical about physical therapy and after my time here, I see how it has truly helped me recover. Highly recommend 🙂
koolaid 3.
19:59 04 Oct 18
I think the personnel at Skokie are out standing. They show a lot of attention to detail & the treatments are spot on.
William E.
14:45 04 Oct 18
Friendly caring staff. Clinic is very clean and warm welcoming. Definitely would recommend to friends and family.
a V.
14:49 03 Oct 18
Wow! The therapy I received here was exceptional. The staff was tremendously helpful and friendly, most notably the technician Baha. Would definitely recommend to all my friends and family.
Mamoun Z.
14:42 01 Oct 18
Great physical therapy
Ryan H.
15:42 28 Sep 18
Love,love ,love them ..they get you right together
Khaleliah M.
15:27 28 Sep 18
I like the conversations I have with the Dr and staff. They are attentive and friendly.
Gwen J.
19:47 26 Sep 18
I like that compassion the staff shows me, They work with you & are helpful with helping my injury.
Adrienne S.
18:53 26 Sep 18
I had many weeks of physical therapy and I have to say each and everyday was a wonderful experience. The staff and doctors are amazing. My therapy was from the end of July until September. Again, the staff is amazing!! Love you guys!! And thank you all for the support throughout all of this!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED *****
Adrienne R.
18:38 25 Sep 18
I would highly recommend anyone who needs the knowledge and skills to get back to normal in their everyday function. The therapist and assistant are very helpful and friendly.
Pam G.
20:46 21 Sep 18
I’ve had 24 sessions of therapy. Today is my last day and I feel like I’m leaving my family. Everyone was so friendly and engaging. Customer service was top notch! Thank you guys for getting me back together after my accident. I’m feeling much better!
Michelle L.
13:42 21 Sep 18
Helpful and professional staff. Very clean and organized.
Ashanti S
00:33 16 Sep 18
These ladies are awesome! All the ladies that work here are knowledgeable and are really attentive. That are very interested in what’s going on. I would definitely recommend if you are in need of physical therapy, to try Premier Therapy in Evergreen Park!
Monique J.
19:26 14 Sep 18
Great place to get the treatment for a injury.
Dee C.
19:25 31 Aug 18
The service is great here! Maritza and Jocelyn are the sweetest girls in the world!
Carolina G.
13:45 30 Aug 18
I came in to Premier in *severe* lower back pain, only a few weeks after moving to Chicago and on very short notice. They saw me right away, quickly figured out what stretches and exercises were right for my back, and put me on a regular -- but quite convenient -- exercise scheduleI'd been to physical therapists before, but with little success. Premier is different. The people here are super nice, the work is highly personalized, and you can tell they really care about all of their patients and getting them out of pain. One month later I still have some pain, but am light-years ahead of when I came in and, most importantly, now have the tools to keep improving.I would highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy for anyone struggling with chronic pain.
Peter H.
14:49 27 Aug 18
Knowledgeable, caring personnel and a very stress free environment. I highly recommend this therapy service.
Michael D.
22:20 26 Aug 18
Dr. Beavers, Jahnel, & Rachel are great. Do not get it twisted or confused they will help you recover properly. Dr. Beavers will help & challenge you throughout the process. She is a serious asset who will ascend in career & possibly life.
16:45 23 Aug 18
Very friendly and professional staff. I enjoy every time, there are so flexible with appointments, very clean place.
Aleksandra C.
14:48 21 Aug 18
Very nice place in people I highly recommend
Chris B.
18:45 17 Aug 18
I have, unfortunately, been to PT before at other facilities. Karolina runs the most professional operation I've encountered. She takes a collaborative approach to her work. She works with the patient to establish the best regimen at each session. I highly recommend this office.
John S.
12:47 16 Aug 18
Love coming here. Everyone is so sweet. They follow up with my next appointment.
buttercup 2.
15:26 15 Aug 18
Therapy here has been the best experience I have ever had. The staff here is excellent! They are friendly and knowledgeable and they care about making sure you get healthy. They pay careful attention to you and tailor workouts to each person so that you get the most from therapy. The clinic is also very clean and organized. I highly recommend this location to anyone seeking a place for physical therapy.
Antania B.
18:33 31 Jul 18
The staff here have been nothing but helpful and friendly! Really great location as well!
14:53 31 Jul 18
The customer service here is outstanding. The staff helps you get better and great motivation. I would def. recommend to anyone who is trying to get better.
Big D.
13:55 31 Jul 18
I absolutely love this place! Dr. Joudeh and Angela are PHENOMENAL! Made healing and recovery a sinch! Very disappointed to hear Angela is leaving and the owners did not counter an offer for her to stay. They will regret doing so! She is AWESOME! Retain the excellent staff you have!! #KeepAngela
Melancholy M.
14:02 30 Jul 18
Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! I enjoy my PT sessions!!!
Melissa M.
01:04 28 Jul 18
Wonderful facility with very caring and pleasant staff. Highly recommended
Jose B.
17:06 27 Jul 18
Very helpful and friendly staff. Extremely knowledgable and patient. Highly recommend!
dan L.
19:08 26 Jul 18
Awesome staff, i will recommend premier 100%
James P.
18:23 26 Jul 18
Ciara S.
16:13 25 Jul 18
Dr.Mete, Maddie & Tracy are truly a blessing. My wife has been going to therapy for neuropathy and they really do show how much they care about their patients. The atmosphere as well as employes are warm & welcoming.
Ronald D.
13:06 24 Jul 18
taking care of me......thank you....
Oscar de la Rosa J.
15:47 23 Jul 18
great service! A thanks foreverything
leticia Y.
15:40 23 Jul 18
I’m super satisfied with the care I have been receiving.Misha and Zoraida are professional and friendly. They take the time to teach and reinforce proper techniques with the prescribed exercises.They are also very accommodating to schedule times.I would definitely recommend Premier Physical Therapy Ashland location.
Mary E.
15:03 23 Jul 18
The staff and the therapist were extremely friendly. They made sure that all the treatments were right for and i started feeling better during the first week.
Salma T.
17:25 22 Jul 18
Love this place, very clean great staff and they care about your recovery, im going to miss them.
Catrina M.
15:08 22 Jul 18
Staff very Friendly and Knowledgeable. The one on one care is awesome.
Scott S.
16:18 17 Jul 18
Dana and Nate were so welcoming and professional. I always looked forward to my weekly sessions. When you are a patient with this team, you receive very personal, one on one care. My surgeon was very pleased after seeing the progress I made in PT after my knee replacement. I highly recommend this company and especially Sana as a PT.
Liz B.
13:10 13 Jul 18
Best Physical Therapy place ever!!! After my car accident I was in so much pain with a stiff neck and the staff there had me feeling better in no time. The Doctor and staff are all so friendly and very involved and attentive to your needs.
Veronica V.
13:33 12 Jul 18
Best physical therapy center.
Nalleli G.
14:53 11 Jul 18
My experience was awesome. The women working there are so sweet and go above and beyond to accommodate you. I appreciate the fact that they make sure that you’re comfortable with all of the exercises before moving into the task. Magnificent place with good spirited people and complete professionalism. If you’re looking for a place that actually wants to rehabilitate you back to health this is it.
Scorpio G.
18:12 29 Jun 18
Great experience! Loved misha work outs!
Latreace S.
16:41 29 Jun 18
Professional team and they helping me progress
Janaye M.
17:42 28 Jun 18
Very awesome people to work with the workouts are amazing and helps your injury they’re very nice and there to answer any questions you may have.
charmaine J.
17:20 28 Jun 18
The therapy is helping me heal.
Queen B.
15:11 28 Jun 18
Therapists there are excellent. Very attentive and professional. Make sure to do the recommended exercises outside of therapy
Jameel R.
14:57 28 Jun 18
Decided on Premier PT at this location because it had stellar ratings. It’s close to my house and conveniently next door to a Starbucks.I recently had back surgery so I was really skeptical of any movements at first. Mrugesha was amazing with me. She is very patient and makes me feel very comfortable. Sometimes I get discouraged, but she’s always reminding me that it’s a process and to trust it. I couldn’t even lift my legs up an inch to stretch my first visit, 4 weeks in and I’m running and pushing weights around.My schedule always changes and would call in before every appointment to tell Zoraida I’ll be late or to change the time. Zoraida is always accommodating and is always able to get me in. She’s the first smiley face you’ll see when coming into the office. She keeps the office super clean and wipes down the beds after every use. She’s truly the sweetest.
jennifer T.
05:32 28 Jun 18
The staffs are always very helpful and very professional. I have been coming here for over two months and never had any issues. The facility is always very clean and very organized.
20:08 27 Jun 18
Las trsbajadoras me andan ayudando porner me mas mejor. La doctora sabe vien lo que hace.
Elvira G.
18:43 27 Jun 18
Thank you for assisting me to get back to %100 health!!!!
Charles M.
14:54 27 Jun 18
Love this place .. Such a good staff and are very flexible with your schedule
paola O.
17:24 26 Jun 18
Knowledgeable staff and very helpful
Bette C.
16:10 26 Jun 18
Tracy and Dr. Mete are the best! You can tell they care about their patience and truly love what they do. Top notch care from top notch people. Office and staff very friendly! I am very happy with the care i have been given.
Joe C.
21:03 25 Jun 18
My experience at Premier therapy has been wonderful. The staff, Jocelyn in particular is A1 💫💪 the facility is very clean and friendly i would recommend anyone to come here to feel relief and understood 💯
Jazmine P.
16:06 25 Jun 18
I’ve been coming for a week now because of a back pain. For a person who don’t usually exercise, this has been a nice experience thanks to the good service and the patience of Mrugesha (a lot!!). Starting to feel better after a week.
Clarisa V.
15:59 25 Jun 18
Enjoyed my time in rehab. Great staff, and flexible scheduling.
16:43 22 Jun 18
Great place for therapy!
Darci M.
16:39 22 Jun 18
Excellent professional workers who are putting me on a right track for healing!
Willie P.
15:37 21 Jun 18
I had a horrible shoulder injury and premier got me back on track. Thank You Dr. Joudeh and team
Clyde E.
14:10 21 Jun 18
The staff was professional and kind and made my healing experience enjoyable. I was in terrible pain before, now thanks to these guys I feel much better.The enviornment is welcoming and the facility is spotless. I could have not asked for a better experience at a physical theraoy clinic.
Darien P.
21:19 20 Jun 18
Great place, knowledgeable therapists!
FallUp2BeAsFlyAsMe B.
15:31 20 Jun 18
Great staff awesome experience. 🤟🏿
Aaron W.
13:44 19 Jun 18
I am very happy with Mete , Maddie and Tracy. They are very professional and down to earth. They all made me feel extremely comfortable.
Mary Ann K.
23:41 18 Jun 18
Sana and Nate!!! You guys have been the absolute best!!! I could not thank you guys enough for pushing me to getting better! I came in with a high pain and danced out of there with no pain! I couldn’t have done it without you guys! If I ever need physical therapy again I know exactly where I am coming!!! ❤️
Jennifer F.
10:09 15 Jun 18
The Orland location is the best one! Dr.Joudeh and Angela have made this whole recovery process a breeze. The rehabilitation is world class. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy. I LOVE THIS PLACE!
Tracy G.
13:54 14 Jun 18
I have been to many physical therapy places for many different reasons and this is by far the best. They really care for your well being. If you can not make an appointment they are happy to work with you and set up a different appointment time.Thank You Mohammed, Jocelyn and Dr. Yun
Walter F.
17:52 13 Jun 18
Love it!!!
vivian U.
17:27 13 Jun 18
Great staff; Dr. Joueeh, Angie and Helena are truly amazing. Dedicated, straight forward and compassionate.They answer all of your questions patiently; making the process bearable.
Larnell H.
19:11 11 Jun 18
This place is awesome it’s very chill and I love that the staff talks to you and makes you feel at home. I would recommend this place to everyone in need of it. Keep it up (ps.this place is 10x better than physio which is in evergreen also)
21:26 07 Jun 18
Employees are very inviting, attentive, and helpful and plus the doctors are cool. 👍🏿 👍🏿😌
Aaron W.
16:27 07 Jun 18
This place is great! The staff is super helpful and understanding of your every need. I highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy to anyone who is looking for a great physical therapy experience!
Vanessa A.
14:40 06 Jun 18
Premier is a great place everyone is so friendly. The staff makes sure your are getting the best service!! I highly recommend them!!
Calvin S.
16:55 04 Jun 18
Great staff! Zoraida and Jocelyn are so helpful in accommodating my schedule. Mrugesha is so kind and explains everything so well. Everyone is so down to earth and funny, it really helps pass the time while doing your exercises.I highly recommend going here for pt/work conditioning.
Naomi S.
17:46 02 Jun 18
It's was a great experience. Great staff they had me up and running in no time.if you are looking for therapy this is the place to go. Didn't feel like a patient felt more like family. Thank you for your services. AAAAAAAAA++++++++
Arkan R.
10:53 02 Jun 18
Everyone there is awesome. They helped me much more than my doctor. Would definitely continue going if they had evening hours at my location.. great people great place.
william B.
17:16 01 Jun 18
It's very nice having therapy in Oak Park. Dr. Larry, Mohamed & both of the front office ladies show that they really care.
Dynecia B.
14:58 01 Jun 18
Dan the physical therapist is the best, very knowledgeable, patient and always has a positive attitude. Would definitely recomend to my friends and family.
Maria C.
03:31 01 Jun 18
They are outstanding!The staffs are friendly. Jahnel greets me as I enter. I never had to wait. She took care of all the sceduling to accommodate my need. Rachel helped me to ease the mucsles with heating pad and more. I also learned a lot from the therapist and feel much better. Nicole was great explaining which muscles are engaged for each exercise to relieve the pain and gain strength.
hyobee H.
03:12 01 Jun 18
Premier Physical Therapy in Roselle is hands down the best that I have ever been to the Therapist is so knowledgeable I highly recommend them
Rickey C.
14:02 31 May 18
Very welcoming receptionist so polite and Dr. is amazing and caring would recommend everyone I know 😀😀😀😀😂😄
Susana P.
13:36 31 May 18
I loved the way they help get you better.It would be 5 stars but my therapist had family trouble and had traffic problems (ALOT) but other then that I loved it .
Felicia D.
02:57 31 May 18
I just started coming here for about 2 weeks now. The staff is kind & compassionate. They are knowledgeable. They take one on one time with each patient. As well as explainig everything in detail. I would recommend them to anyone looking for physical therapy.
Sylvia M.
02:53 31 May 18
Excellent service. I am feeling much better.
Muhammad L.
02:15 31 May 18
Awesome therapy work they do i like that how they take care of us..
Syed H.
02:15 31 May 18
Dr.Steve and the entire staff was very positive as well as encouraging.
D W.
02:10 31 May 18
Well I started this once and it did a re boot...I would like to talk about the ALL. the peopleI had the pleasure to work with they were allInto the work that they do polite and u could've really see that they care.... I have really enjoyed my time that I had hereAgain thank youRick Jones.....
Rick J.
18:05 30 May 18
The therapy I’m receiving here is top notch and is really making a difference in my healing process.
Nastasya M.
16:48 30 May 18
Therapy has been helpful the staff makes sure you are getting the necessary treatment and always greet us with a smile😊
Robinl C.
16:27 30 May 18
Rachel & Jahnel are very helpful and a nice. They make sure we get our therapy in.
16:16 30 May 18
Great place for physical therapy
Matilde A.
21:44 20 May 18
I was very pleased with how I was treated. Karolina was outstanding and Heather was a very personable and down to earth.
Mary Ann K.
03:15 17 May 18
great place for physical therapy!!
Mohammed K.
20:41 30 Apr 18
The therapist are very helpful, everyone is so nice, clean place totally recommend it
Karina S.
19:09 30 Apr 18
I like this therapy office because the staff are very outgoing and always on task about what you need help with and how to get it improved
DeeDee B.
15:31 30 Apr 18
great place for physical therapy,in a couple of sessions my neck and back already feel better!
Rakesh J.
17:06 27 Apr 18
I love the ladies there. They are an amazing team together and make sure you are on top of your therapy. You walk in to friendly smiles and greetings and walk out to have good days and good weekends. Every visit is a great workout with good vibes. Who knew therapy could be so great. 👍🏿👍🏿
Antwain J.
16:55 27 Apr 18
The staff here is awesome and very helpful! I’m feeling better and better each session! Thanks Premier.
Julz Got Dat H.
14:23 27 Apr 18
My experience at therapy so far has been great. The entire staff has been extremely helpful.
Jon S.
14:23 27 Apr 18
The therapist and staff is awesome. They were knowledgeable about helping me learn exercises torelieve stress and pain in my lower back , neck, and shoulder area. They are encouraging and patient offering suggestions to assist me with daily tasks at home and work. These suggestions has helped me to function much better with less pain.
LaConda L.
14:09 27 Apr 18
I really enjoy working with the staff here!
Debbie T.
14:00 27 Apr 18
The ladies were very helpful,friendly & kind.They answered my questions & made me feel at home.I felt like they encouraged me which made me feel comfortable while I worked out. They are the kind of instructor that's needed for my therapy.
Andrea K.
21:06 26 Apr 18
Dr. Mrugesha and Zoraida have helped me strength my muscles and tendons after a car accident immaculately. I have been going for just two weeks so far and have seen immense improvement in my posture and strength. God bless their beautiful souls.
Mary K.
19:19 26 Apr 18
This therapy has helped me progress. The facility is so clean, and the staff is awesome.
Laura F.
18:46 26 Apr 18
My experience at this location was very good. I’m greeted with a smile every time I enter and exit the establishment and asked about my well being. Very friendly staff, supportive and hands on. Clean, and organized. They also have great conversation, overall an awesome place. Check them out!
James A.
13:13 26 Apr 18
A great staff. A wonderful place for therapy.
Christopher W.
19:55 25 Apr 18
The therapists are helpful, knowledgeable, and flexible to work with my schedule. They also firstly work with the third party for payment which not all groups do!
Alice L.
14:24 25 Apr 18
It's a nice little place with genuine nice people.
Soapy B.
21:33 24 Apr 18
Very knowledgeable, great experience and very helpful.
Adriana M.
21:29 24 Apr 18
I can truly say that this is a great place for therapy. Very caring and experienced staff.. The make your therapy very enjoyable...
mike t
18:28 23 Apr 18
Amazing staff!! Excellent place!
Saeed A.
16:45 18 Apr 18
I have PN in both feet and just started coming here a couple months ago. Mrugesha and Zoraida are both so kind and helpful. Very knowledgable and encouraging.
15:57 18 Apr 18
Nice people, but quality of therapy needs help. Not enough employees.Update; April, 2018. My 2nd. time going here for Physical Therapy. I have Arthritis , & had bi-lateral hip replacement surgery done, so, I've been exposed to numerous Therapists. Farese , & the new Physical Therapist they have now are the BEST I've seen. I start therapy instead of going to a Dr. for pain meds , & the P.T. Really works! I only take over the counter Ibuprofen, & the pain goes away in time. Just need to go to therapy, do my excersizes, be patient & I feel much better. Amazing !
Lana P.
04:25 18 Apr 18
Great team! Very professional treatment and helpful staff. Feeling much better after 3 weeks of therapy. Thank you.
Carla W.
18:01 16 Apr 18
I can say this has been a forfilling exprenceThe workers were very patient, polite and they gave follow up calls for appointments. The over all warmth of this place showed me they worked together to accomidate me and make me feel comfortable while recovering from my accident... THANKS 4 EVERYTHING!
jerry L.
21:00 10 Apr 18
Great place for therapy!
17:33 09 Apr 18
Therapy at this facility is amazing! Nicole is an amazing physical therapist. The staff is well trained and friendly and most importantly they are clean! I will definitely recommend this place!
Melinda D.
16:09 09 Apr 18
Everything is great!!!keep up the good work
Neal D.
14:59 09 Apr 18
Very friendly professional nice atmosphere I look forward to my appointments
Gregory J.
13:05 09 Apr 18
They're great with people and communication is great
Darrell J.
18:35 03 Apr 18
I found Premier after my car accident, and I'm glad I did. Premier physical therapy is a great establishment.  The environment is friendly and the staff is professional. They offer great support and guidance. Premier offers flexible and accommodating scheduling. I have had physical therapy in the past but my experience at Premier has been so much better.  While at Premier, I've been able to feel improvement in my body.  Dr. Ahmad and his staff have been very impactful in my rehabilitation process. I enjoy going to therapy and would definitely encourage and recommend anyone in need of Physical Therapy, to chose Premier Physical Therapy during their rehabilitation journey.#5 star facility 💪🏅
01:43 03 Apr 18
Great place for work and back therapy. Could use updated machines.
Draco M.
15:23 31 Mar 18
Great Staff. Saturday appts are great for my work schedule.
Nick C.
15:04 31 Mar 18
Very nice place, friendly staff. I like coming here.
Krystyna C.
18:47 30 Mar 18
The staff were very helpful and helped me get better. They are a good team!
Amel A.
16:28 30 Mar 18
After a year of Pain in my shoulder and elbow, it took the wonderful team at Premier less than 3 weeks to make my pain and discomfort to disappear. Dr. Nicole Beavers is excellent and goes out of her way to help you get better. i highly recommend this practice
Mustapha H.
14:41 30 Mar 18
The staff at Premier is amazing. They are are very professional and courteous. They are able to accommodate work schedules. The staff cares greatly about their patients. The location is clean. I would highly recommend to anyone for physical therapy needs.
Jennifer T.
13:49 30 Mar 18
Awesome place, amazing staff, friendly kindly. Premier the best!
Muhammad M.
21:30 29 Mar 18
Therapy that really help me, and staff makes me feel comfortable
Song-apsorn C.
19:35 29 Mar 18
I’m here getting treatment, the ladies here are so Helpful. I Have 4 more weeks left and I’ll be back ready to take on the world.
Donovan A.
17:28 29 Mar 18
Great place excellent staff Came for work related injury lower back and I was put on a strict exercise and message schedule stuck with it and I feel the improvement daily
Aaron M.
14:50 29 Mar 18
I enjoy coming here. Front desk lady is very friendly and welcoming. The doctor has a great sense of humor and really took care of me. Look forward to going back
Janet L.
19:02 28 Mar 18
My time at premier was one of the best condition ever they really got me back in tip top shape thanks to Jocelyn and Maritza my best motivators.
Melivn B.
14:26 28 Mar 18
Very professional and highly knowledgeable on recovering and getting stronger!! Nate and Sana are awesome!!! Thank you both so much!!
Qiana H.
17:29 27 Mar 18
The facility is clean. Dr. Ahmed, Cynthia and Maritza are very helpful. The hours are flexible and the location is great. Everyone is very professional.
Marcia G.
21:30 26 Mar 18
The therapy helped me get better the staff works well and makes u feel comfortable
Leo P.
15:17 26 Mar 18
My experience at Premier Therapy here on Ashland has been excellent. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Thank you Premier for doing such an excellent job!
Gwen L.
15:07 21 Mar 18
Mrugesha and Zoraida are awesome! My back is much better.
Glen H.
16:16 19 Mar 18
I like that it's small so you get good attention and they don't just put you on a machine and do paper work one the computer.😆
ash H.
17:50 12 Mar 18
The Tech Tracy at the Front desk and Dr Mete ARE Absolutely Amazing🌟I am Sooo Grateful to have Physical Therapy with Dr. Mete🙂The service is professional and I Am Sure without a Doubt that they REALLY do care about each patients wellbeing,WHAT a Great Asset Dr Mete and Tracy are to Premier💯😍
Jean P.
04:33 10 Mar 18
Can't say enough good things about this place. You would think that being in therapy three days a week would be horrible, but they find a way to keep it fun. I always have a good time there and I feel like I've improved massively since coming here!
Mechie S.
16:07 09 Mar 18
I love you guys y’all are the Best Ever please if anyone need Physical Therapy come here best place in Orland Park Illinois 😍
Lady B.
18:22 08 Mar 18
Excellent experience at premier. I always felt like I received the attention I required. It's nice to feel comfortable with the people who you have to work with 3 times a week! Would highly recommend 🙂
Rio L.
18:21 01 Mar 18
I love the energy of the Ladies! Plus the therapy is amazing!
Velina W.
19:50 28 Feb 18
Everyone is friendly, always courteous and very professional. They always remind their clients to stop the exercise if any pain is felt. I am not yet at 100%; however I do feel that I am improving.
Marjorie F.
18:23 28 Feb 18
The Therapist and staff are helpful and makd your visit pleasant.
Joe W.
16:48 28 Feb 18
The therapist was very nice in very friendly. Transportation was very helpful.
Dorothy Y.
16:45 28 Feb 18
Zoraida and Dr. Mrugesha is the best. They are very friendly, helpful, and courteous.
Darius H.
21:32 27 Feb 18
They’re the best!! Physical to the therapy!
Shannon M.
21:02 27 Feb 18
Cannot express enough how helpful, patient and gentle these ladies are here. Zoraida takes her time with you and makes sure you’re nothing but comfortable and Mrugesha actually takes time to listen to her patients and educate you on certain things when it comes to the exercises, pain etc. they’re the best!
MsTyler R.
21:59 26 Feb 18
the therapy help me a lot! Friendly staffs 5 stars
Chu Z.
17:34 26 Feb 18
Dan is the best therapist ever.I have a lower back problem and he has helped me so much.He listens to his patients and tries to help as much as he can.Dan and his staff are just the best!!!!!
Jacek Z.
15:33 26 Feb 18
OMG! I never knew, or even thought physical therapy would be this helpful! Since beginning therapy 4 weeks ago I have gained so much strength back in my leg/ankle; not to mention the courage that I gained! The therapist was great, she is very thorough and attentive. The staff are friendly and accommodating as well! I would recommend this place to everyone.
Montoya W.
19:27 23 Feb 18
The service is great! Maritza and Jocelyn are a great Team and are very hice.
Angel C.
14:45 20 Feb 18
I would like to start by saying the three trainers Rachel, Jahnel, and Nicole are very knowledgeable and helpful with the recovery process. A great bunch of people to work with.
Dan T.
20:26 16 Feb 18
Love this place the vibe I got from Nicole, Rachel, and Jahnel made my recovery much easier. Don’t wish injury on anyone but if you get hurt you should definitely come here.
Maceo P.
20:25 16 Feb 18
Absolutely a big change in my behavior my back my eating habits this has been a wonderful experience not only personally but as I see others coming in and leaving with good attitude and a man’s ourselves speaking as to how professional and personal the treatment can be thank you so much
Raul Soto I.
17:23 16 Feb 18
Great staff, Great atmosphere Definitely Helped me reach my goals. Recommend to anyone who needs physical therapy!
Ariana A.
16:58 16 Feb 18
The staff is great!!! I think I would have stopped going after the first day but they made me feel really comfortable!
Wendy P.
16:33 16 Feb 18
Very friendly environment everyone is so sweet and caring very clean and relaxing I would definitely recommend them. I thought I wouldn’t like coming but the ladies here make it very pleasant and comfortable to comeback.
liz H.
15:41 16 Feb 18
Wonderful staff wonderful treatment. New IFC treatment im in heaven! Premier at Ashland Rocks!
Paul R.
21:28 15 Feb 18
Very fun
Lebron J.
19:24 15 Feb 18
Friendly, caring staff. Easy location and street parking. Great progress so far, helping me to mend!
Renee S.
15:08 15 Feb 18
Great and helpful staff and environment. When I have to miss a day at their other location these guys make sure I'm able to make up my days to ensure my full recovery here on Saturdays.
sade M.
13:05 14 Feb 18
I'm so new to this physical therapy thing and didn't know what to expect, but it's been over two months now and the ladies there Caroline and Heather has made this first time experience helpful and amazing they really take pride in what they do. They genuinely care in getting you to a full recovery and I truly appreciate that in them. I gave them a 5 star because they deserve it.
sade M.
12:57 14 Feb 18
Very personable staff; willing to be very helpful. Clean and dry accommodating.
Luann K.
18:44 13 Feb 18
This is one the best Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy facilities that we have ever encountered. Dr. Dan and Elena are very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. They listen very closely to your concerns and try very hard for you to accomplish your goals in a safe and timely manor.All of our questions from Therapy to Billing are always answered and taken care quickly and very professionally.I would recommend this office to all of my Friends and Family and to all of those needing Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services.
Joseph Anthony Joey D.
21:37 12 Feb 18
I have never been to physical therapy before so I was a little nervous when I called and talk with Angela she was awesome, very patient and very knowledgeable
Norma L.
20:13 30 Jan 18
Great place for therapy!
Angela G.
19:41 30 Jan 18
Great place for physical therapy!
Theresea “Mom of 3” C.
19:19 30 Jan 18
I really love my experience there the people was polite and very nice and helpful...thank u Ms.Tina and Ms.Angel I really appreciate y’all help!
cassandra P.
15:57 26 Jan 18
Premier Physical Therapy is one thee best clinics in the game. Their professionalism and hard work is great. Last, but not least Miss. Crew the receptionist is a all time great at her position she deserves an award for her great customer service!!
Darwin S.
04:04 26 Jan 18
Ms Crew is very friendly and professional. I called to get information about possibly being a patient there and she was very polite and it made me want to refer anyone i know there.
Ayana R.
17:10 25 Jan 18
very excellent customer service skills . Motivates me to exercise and is helping me get back in shape.
The M.
15:21 22 Jan 18
First off, Zoraida is a TRIP! She can make going to a physical therapy appointment HILLARIOUS! Which is saying a lot. Don’t get me wrong, she’s also very professional when it comes down to giving a great session. As for Mrugesha... I couldn’t write enough positive things about her. As one of her new “test subjects”, she is allowing me to reach limits I wasn’t sure I could reach. She has a great personality and is as kind as she is effective. I don’t write many reviews, but these lovely folks deserve my review and oh so much more.~Jeremy
Jeremy C.
22:24 18 Jan 18
Great place!
Lynzi B.
22:17 18 Jan 18
My experience in this place: describir que las personas que trabajan ahí tienen mucha paciencia en todo ángulo son compresivas su trabajo que hacen lo calificaría excelente por íntimo diría que son muy atentas a su profesión.
estela D.
15:06 18 Jan 18
I thought I wouldn't like coming to physical therapy but these two wonderful ladies ( ZORAIDA and MRUGESHA ) are the best at what they do. They make you feel comfortable to be here. I truly and highly will recommend this place to friends and family if they every need physical therapy. They work great together.
Michael T.
19:50 08 Jan 18
Great facility and staff. Clean, helpful and friendly. Would recommend to anyone.
Michael S.
16:24 08 Jan 18
This place is great. They have a really helpful staff.
Roger H.
14:13 08 Jan 18
I absolutely enjoyed my visit at Premier. The experience was great. My therapy was very much appreciated. I felt this organization was very professional.
Ricky D.
16:40 05 Jan 18
The best place for physical therapy. Amazing staff!
milos D.
22:25 04 Jan 18
I'm not a patient here but when I called to get information about the clinic I found the young lady who answered the phone to be very polite. She answered all my questions very well and even when she didn't know the answer to a question she took my contact information and called me back. That is EXCELLENT customer service.
Tracy S.
15:09 04 Jan 18
What a great establishment. Never having to do physical therapy before, Zoraida and Mrugesha do an incredible job being helpful with all the exercises and explain everything in elaborate detail. Its always a joy to be here with such an experienced, dedicated staff.
Guillermo L.
20:19 29 Dec 17
I really love how they help me out , if you in pain and need help Premier Physical is the place to be .
Apple J.
19:05 29 Dec 17
Premier is the best, the ladies here are very nice and helpful. I will recommend Premier to everyone!
Umair S.
17:50 29 Dec 17
Great place! Staff is very helpful and courteous.Zoraida and Mrugesha are the best!
Azemina B.
16:36 29 Dec 17
I have really enjoyed coming to Premier Physical Therapy. The staff has been super friendly and welcoming. Plus I'm already feeling so much better since my accident!
Kelly C.
22:57 28 Dec 17
The physical therapist Mrugesha is very warm and very helpful. The place is clean and well kept.
Kana W.
21:12 18 Dec 17
My neck and shoulder feels much better! thank you Premier
21:02 18 Dec 17
Dr. Steve and the wonderful staff at this therapeutic faculty is real great. They work with the client instead of against the clients. Great place for physical recoop.
Thomas S.
20:29 13 Dec 17
Workers are very nice, attentive, and welcoming. They gave me exercises that really strengthened my back and other muscles. My body is stronger than ever. Thanks Premier Physical Therapy.
Teddeye J.
15:29 12 Dec 17
People , who truly care about you , like you a part of their family. All the rehabilitation and recovery programs are made individually for every patient.
Denys S
18:28 01 Dec 17
The ladies there were extremely friendly and answered all of my questions, they are very attentive and sincerely cares about your well being. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in need of physical therapy.
21:54 30 Nov 17
Dr Dan and staff are amazing!!
store 8.
16:31 29 Nov 17
Good afternoon i would like to take some time to give a special thanks to the crew at premier physical therapy at the location on Ashland . the crew are very tentive and i like the fact that they explain why and what are rhe exercise your doing is for , great employees great aset to the company .spexial thanks to the crew and management . Francisco Fragoso thanks for your attention .
Francisco F.
16:09 29 Nov 17
Zoraida is the sweetest therapy aid and Mrugesha is extremely helpful and kind. teaching me about stretches..Zory is awesome and patient with my schedule! IFC with heat it's extremely helpful! I will recommend Premier to everyone!
Mary M.
21:20 22 Nov 17
Marugesha and Zoraida @ the Ashland location are so kind and a pleasure to be with. Professional and really care about your health and getting better. Thank you!
Carlos S.
19:21 22 Nov 17
The team here is amazing the way they treat and work lot give you the best care and the team work here is amazing.. Thank you premier..
Demetria G.
16:44 22 Nov 17
Great physical therapist and staff would highly recommend
17:15 21 Nov 17
Dr. Olfat is great as is Crystal and the rest of the staff.
Al F
16:44 17 Nov 17
A very comfortable place and great assistance 👌
16:28 17 Nov 17
This place is great to go there services and hospitality are excellent they treat you very nice there.
l S.
16:27 17 Nov 17
From the healing technices to Jocelyn's great bedside manner this is the place to be for getting over physical injuries .
Michael M.
18:57 15 Nov 17
Dr Olfat helped me recover from a lower back injury that I was not even sure it was even possible for me to recover from.
Michael M.
18:47 15 Nov 17
Premire physical therapy has been awesome, after my accident I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. Little by little after each session I felt better. They are very understanding when it comes to my schedule. They always ask how I’m feeling and if I am comfortable with the exercises. I would recommend to everyone!
Edna G.
18:45 25 Oct 17
Love this place. Great PT and people here.
Karen M.
20:31 21 Oct 17
The staff here are very nice and they do excellent work and they are so respectable
Sonja S.
17:51 20 Oct 17
First time being in physical therapy. I love this place. My back is aching pretty bad after the accident and its getting better with thier recommendation and work out. Don't think twice about this place, it is the best!!
abdulhameed B.
16:53 19 Oct 17
I've been coming here for 2 weeks now its been very pleasant place the staff is friendly and they know exactly what they are doing and how to work with you ,Zoraida has help me with my complicated crazy schedule , Overall I love this place and they also care about you ,very clean and easy parking in front you cant ask for more they have it all!
19:17 18 Oct 17
I have been attending physical therapy at Premier Physical Therapy at Roselle location for about 2 months due to a car accident. At the beginning I was in a great amount of pain followed by ongoing frustration since my life was altered. Dan, the physical therapist, was very understanding, professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and extremely positive when working with me. To be absolutely honest, I feel as I was a more difficult patient. Dan always attended to my personal needs. You could feel he loves helping his patients! Things he thought me will stay with me forever. I will continue to work on improving my wellbeing even after my therapy is finished. Thank you Dan and the staff for all your wonderful work! I will never forget you!
Sylvia K.
00:43 17 Oct 17
Therapy has helped me and i recommended to my friends
Abel R.
14:19 12 Oct 17
The ladies are lovely, therapy has helped me a lot. I will recommend premier to all my friends.
abel R.
14:15 12 Oct 17
Nice,caring and friendly personnel...Dr Olfat,crystal and Zack are so amazing..I have tried different Physical Therapy places and this the one I love...far from my house but well worth it the drive because I know I get great results.
Emily M.
16:52 10 Oct 17
Five stars for Jocelyn,Maritza and Dr.Z you all are the best.....Thanks
Kay B.
16:51 03 Oct 17
The staff here is very helpful! Maritza, Jocelyn, and Dr. Z make an amazing team. They are very attentive with each patient and really care about their well being!
Isidro M.
16:49 02 Oct 17
Premier Physical therapy is a great place to go when needing physical therapy!! They are very attentive with their patients!! It's very clean, and its super easy 2 find very close parking! Im glad that i chose them to do my physical therapy!!!!
17:38 29 Sep 17
The customer service is Great, and physical therapist is wonderful..helping me alot..
Nancy R.
16:26 28 Sep 17
Very friendly staff. Helped teach me about my foot issues and the exercises helped build strength as well!
Robert H.
21:31 26 Sep 17
I love this office they are really nice and are always willing to work with my schedule the office is clean and they have so many different things you can do to get better
Joenay M.
15:01 26 Sep 17
Very considerate towards the patient's needs, very kind & courteous, clean workout area, I have nothing but good things to say about the staff. My only regret is that I can only give them 5 stars. In my book I would give them 10 stars.
George V.
14:41 26 Sep 17
Ashland location of Premier Physical Therapy is a very wonderful place to go. Z & Misha are an asset to this place. Z is very sweet and encouraging, always on top of things & Misha is very cute with a kick butt attitude, in a good way.A.Olorunoje
Tati a
17:36 25 Sep 17
Great place, Dr.Z, Marrisa, Jocelyn, Maggie they are so helpful, make u feel comfortable, my Motto for them (Premier They Help You Feel Better) if u need therapy this is the place ,wish I could give them 10 stars.
michelle F.
15:22 22 Sep 17
Super nice! And are always willing to help with scheduling and anything else that could help make your recovery better
Lupita C.
17:12 21 Sep 17
Premier has been an incredible experience for me! I love walking in here, because I know that when I leave I'll be feeling better. Sana the therapist always makes my session personal. It makes me feel good knowing that they actually care about my well being and treatment. I would recommend premier to anyone!
Linda Boeske A.
19:27 14 Sep 17
Excellent service! Genuine hospitality!
Sandra B.
18:02 14 Sep 17
I'm very grateful for coming to Premiere for thephy. I'm feeling better getting stronger. Yes the routines are challenging but in the end. No pain no gain it"s for your best.
Danetta B.
16:45 14 Sep 17
Great all across the board (A)
Robert R.
16:13 13 Sep 17
Very good
mma J.
17:09 12 Sep 17
great place, great staff. they really helped me with my back pain.
Gebrshye@gmail.com A.
16:57 07 Sep 17
I have been this location for a month now they have been very Nice they no what they are doing and Mrugesha Shah she is the best and the staff
Avinash S.
16:49 06 Sep 17
This place is awesome the staff is great place is very clean to
Larry M.
13:49 06 Sep 17
These people are great, very professional and they helped me out with my shoulder injury. Thanks to Marti and the staff.
Matthew P.
17:32 05 Sep 17
Good staff to work with and they help you get better.
Sheena M.
17:07 05 Sep 17
Plenty of street parking. Staff is very nice and accommodating. They work with your schedule to help you pick the perfect time. They are always checking on you to make sure you are doing well. It's been 3 weeks of PT and I've never felt better! It's going to be sad when I don't need PT anymore and won't be coming to hang with my girls.
Bianca P.
17:05 17 Aug 17
I haven't been to physical therapy before but for my first experience it was real awesome and helpful and relaxing. Amber, Maddie and the others always showed me great hospitality, very nice and made sure to make u feel comfortable and get u back to good health. If I could suggest some where I would suggest them to choose premier as an option.
Darren “R.E.A.LLife91” D.
13:56 01 Aug 17
This place is awesome
Mike R.
01:12 29 Jul 17
This is a great physical therapy provider. They provide individualized one on one care. It is cozy and not overcrowded. You receive excellent service in a clean facility with friendly upbeat staff.
Cecilia M
14:09 28 Jul 17
I like this place. They get there job done and they really work with u . thanks for the therapy it really helped me out !!!
Nikki H.
15:31 26 Jul 17
Staff is great and knowledgeable. I would recommend
Bjorn O.
14:05 25 Jul 17
Jahnel , Janessa and Rachel are a great team . They go above and beyond the call of duty for their patients and are very professional in the most hectic of situation. Kudos to them all.
Angelina S.
16:52 19 Jul 17
Great place help whenever you need in eveyday when I come in I leave out feeling better in Tina brightens everyone's day all in all perfect place to get your therapy
robshea W.
17:27 10 Jul 17
They waste no time getting u ready to get back to your life and what u doing .They also are well equipped with the tools to help u feel better. They dont rush u back to work until u feel u ready to get back to living a normal life .
Shannon B.
09:00 08 Jul 17
Tina is great as well as Helena they are a great team.
ro J.
00:35 08 Jul 17
The best place for physical therapy, with great doctors and staff. Always there for you when you need them! Check it out.
Emil G.
15:50 03 Jul 17
Great folks very personal real and concerned
Dugar E.
15:34 30 Jun 17
Over the course of 2 years I have gotten in 2 car accidents. I hurt different parts of my back in each accident. I am still currently going for my second injury. It has helped a lot but I still have a little ways to go so I will update the review when my treatment is complete. I have seem good results in the past so I will only trust Premier at this point forward. Their wonderful staff here has helped me get mobile in the past and the therapy I received here has my stiffness and neck/back pain had me feeling much better than before. Their facility is clean, has plenty of street parking and is calm and relaxing. The staff is helpful, caring and very personable so it makes the time fly when I am here. I am really looking forward to getting back to my old self again and I have confidence Premier will make my goal a reality with the work I put in here. Thanks guys!
Dominic W.
15:30 30 Jun 17
The step up a mere Physical Therapy are great and treating your needs and they are people with great customer service skills. I have recommended premiere physical therapy to my family members and other acquaintances and I highly recommend them to anyone that might see this message
Patricia F.
18:05 29 Jun 17
Me siento como nuevo me arreglaron mi espalda
Thomasjr M.
20:01 28 Jun 17
Great place with great results. Thank you dr joudeh, Marty, and yessenia for being strangers and becoming family.
17:33 28 Jun 17
Helping me a lot. Great place. Employee's are great. I would recommend this place.
Last F.
14:29 27 Jun 17
From the time I entered the door and was welcomed by the receptionist heather, I knew this was going to be a positive experience . I would call heather the director of first impressions and a good one at that.I was introduced into doctor Karolina Lesniewska who controlled my tharaphy. She showed a genuine interest in my personal situation and created an at home work program to insure my progress . My workout sessions with were quite comprehensive and she always insured the I was doing the exercise properly to get the desired resultMy tharaphy is not complete but in the first week with their effort and mine , my knee bend went from 25 degree to 95. I have progressed each week and am well on my way to recovery
James V.
14:17 26 Jun 17
I started my therapy with Premier Physical Therapy, Irvine & Ashland in Chicago. This therapy really impacted my life. I had an automobile accident on 6/11/17 at about 10.00 pm , and this affected my lower back and nect . I then registered with Premier, and l became very relief from all my pain .Thank you for your good work..Yours sincerely,Jonathan A. Codjoe ,Chicago
Jonathan C.
15:56 23 Jun 17
This is my first week here and I find the staff so professional and caring. I have learned how to manage certain pain and uncomfortable positions after my motor vehicle accident.
kongit G.
14:20 23 Jun 17
Coming to Premier Physical Therapy is the first time I have ever needed to come receive physical therapy and this location specifically has been amazing so far the workers are genuine people and so far from the help they have given me after my accident i have been feeling a lot better and its just been a great experience I would and I will recommend this place to anyone it is just that good it would be hard to believe that there is a better place than this because this is the best place thanks Premier Physical Therapy
Axel R.
19:30 21 Jun 17
The girls on Ashland are very professional and the physical therapist understands your problem areas and helps you work through it to get you in better shape.They are kind and understanding and make you feel like family. I would highly recommend them! Thanks for all the help.
Hector P.
15:40 21 Jun 17
I like this place because the staff makes sure i get the therapy i need.
Bennie D.
14:54 21 Jun 17
Hola ya casi un año viniendo a terapia con esta clínica ya casi me siento de la família con el buen trato y atención de parte de Yesenia Martín excelente personas estoy muy agradezco su atención son super lindas personas!!!!!!!
Lore G.
14:49 21 Jun 17
The staff is helpful and nice.
Laroyce H.
14:27 21 Jun 17
Great staff
shaquta N.
14:22 21 Jun 17
Great staff, clean and spacious. Would highly recommend!
Manuel E.
13:55 21 Jun 17
Great staffing
Chiquita H.
16:30 20 Jun 17
Nice Knowledgeable Friendly Staff. Staff very encouraging. Makes physical therapy a great workout.
Tomeka R.
17:30 17 Jun 17
I couldnt ask for a better place to come for physical therapy with dr hassan, dr joudeh, and vanessa you see the results you want. This place has become my second home.
Ocairi R.
17:21 17 Jun 17
The staff is wonderful and friendly
farha N.
17:12 12 Jun 17
Just started therapy yesterday and it's been good so far
Deborah W.
18:28 09 Jun 17
Very helpful professional staff !!!
Tyrone W.
17:20 09 Jun 17
Dr Joudeh, yessinia, and Marty are amazing at what they do. This place has taken me from having pain constantly to me being able to play with my children PAIN FREE!!! recommend it for anyone seeking PT care
Jackie B.
17:00 09 Jun 17
Luv the ice treatment great group of people!
Frankie O.
15:43 09 Jun 17
Great place to get better they really pay attention to you an by far a way better place than ATI Physical Therapy
moises V.
14:18 09 Jun 17
Theresa found all the muscles that impeded my wrist from turning all the way up. It will hurt like hell when you originally find the main muscle but then with time , exercise and the roll pin your pain will surely go away. I was stunned to find out that some one was able to check my wrist and make sure it was back to normal.
Christian Ivan C.
19:00 08 Jun 17
Everyone once in a while you get to work with a health care professional who definitely has the client's well being tops on their list. I had that experience today working with Jacki Kornatowski.She did a great job in all aspects.It was truly a pleasure.
Maddie H.
17:47 08 Jun 17
Very clean facility with great service! They make you feel as comfortable as possible and are very helpful. Jenessa, Jahnel and Vanessa are the best ever, they're awesome!
Briana S.
16:34 08 Jun 17
Premier has done wonders for my injuries. The personal care they give is beyond anything I've ever received. They truly care about your health and are willing to go above and beyond to make your schedule work. J would HIGHLY recommend premier over any other facility.
Jennifer C.
16:30 08 Jun 17
Very professional and friendly. Lysette goes above and beyond expectations to make sure I'm comfortable. She also makes sure my appointments fit in my busy schedule. Also they always call to remind or reschedule appointments.Jackie is also great had a few questions about paperwork and she was very helpful . They make therapy feel like you are with family. Love this place 👍🏼
Daisy R.
16:18 08 Jun 17
The people who works here is very helpful and pleasant. They make me feel wanted and makes me feel as if I can do every exercise even when I feel like I cant. They are really helpful...
Salinda N.
16:04 08 Jun 17
Im a patient as of 6/5/17 and i rate the business 5 stars because they're friendly and very upbeat in the morning.
Chris J
14:20 08 Jun 17
Friendly, Great Customer Service Skills. I was able to walk in with less than 5 mins or less wait time. They have a clean bathroom as well.
Claress H.
14:13 08 Jun 17
Therapist and workers are really helpful and super supportive. I'm very comfortable with this location.
Angela R.
14:09 08 Jun 17
I would highly recommend this office therapist is very professional and nice, and Jackie is the best very understanding and kind and wonderful spirit. Even though I was in lots of pain on some days they managed to put a smile on my face and I thank them for all there hard work and Lizeth was very nice as well
Karen R.
19:40 07 Jun 17
Everyone is friendly, helpful, profedsional, and knowledgable.
Quintin J.
16:59 07 Jun 17
The staff is very nice and professional. My back feels much better and I feel stronger day by day. The exercises have really helped me.Thank you for helping me.
Marta M.
16:58 07 Jun 17
I look forward to coming here, I know that sounds crazy, but I know I'm going to get the best support and attention that's needed,Yesenia and Marty are skilled in whatever need to be done in your particular case. I highly recommend this place of ever you are in need of PT.
Rochelle S.
16:37 07 Jun 17
The best people to work with!
Will F.
16:19 07 Jun 17
I love coming here the services is so good and they treat you like family and I am happy I got a chance to meet wonder for people and I want thank everyone here at premier physical therapy job well done
Renita D.
16:19 07 Jun 17
I Love My PT... I am here at least 3 times a week for almost 2 hours per Visit... I'm Taking Up Residents Here... I have had Yesenia for the going on two years of my therapy and she, like the rest of them, is awesome... Very supportive of my condition and pushes me to do better... Feels like Family...
John “FastFX” M.
15:29 07 Jun 17
The staff are great they are bringing me a long way and helping me have a better view on my health. Thank you girls!
Lloyd H.
15:18 07 Jun 17
I give premier physical therapy on state and lake they have really been helpful to get me right back together to return to work i also wanna say they staff are very friendly and humble with the clients they have love you ladies there. Keep up the good work .
Sharon B.
15:17 07 Jun 17
The staff is great and d other best to help me.
La J.
15:14 07 Jun 17
I love this place, great therapy and the staff is great 😁
Mophi & Mofyne R.
15:09 07 Jun 17
Amazing staff! Goes above and beyond to help and work with you.
Olajumoke A.
17:13 06 Jun 17
I love how yesenia and marty treat us with so much love in respect this physical therapy is the best they are the sweetest people who you can count on I love this therapy
Terry D.
15:34 06 Jun 17
The technician was very helpful very understanding to your issues and went further to find why things that are happening different from the normal ability to do the exercises
Lucky L.
21:28 02 Jun 17
I really love that place 😁 when I leave I feel so good and they are so nice to me Nate, and sana,is the best.☺ I would recommend that place to anyone.
Lashonda H.
19:58 02 Jun 17
I personally would recommend this facility for anyone needing great physical therapy. The personalized care they provide supersedes any big facility I have ever attended. Their knowledge along with their empathy makes coming to PT a great experience.
Sheila H.
19:28 02 Jun 17
love premiere physical therapy because they actually try to get you better and are not just there for the money unlike other physical therapy places that Ive been to.
Miguel A.
20:32 30 May 17
Love the place. Awsome people. Nate is a very nice guy and awsome helper w the therapy
lily M.
18:29 30 May 17
The front office coordinator is nice and gives you all the information you need and helps you through the process of getting better. The physical therapist has helped so much from when I started the process to now. The pain from my car accident is almost nonexisent now because of their efforts to help me. Thank you PPT.
Tisconi 1.
15:40 30 May 17
I am a patient at Premier Physical Therapy in Hinsdale. The front office coordinator is super friendly everyday and always makes sure all of the patients are taken care of! The physical therapist is amazing. She has immensely decreased my pain level from when I first started therapy.
Anthony P.
13:52 30 May 17
Awesome staff and Doc
Peter S.
03:39 27 Oct 16
Staff moved quickly and efficiently. Very warm and welcoming. Helena is a miracle worker! I feel so much better, thank you!!
Suzanne O.
20:19 08 Aug 16

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