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Premier Physical Therapy’s goal is to reduce pain and get the injured worker to the point of being able to work again. Then, continue treatment until Maximum Medical Improvement is achieved. 

Providing 1:1 physical therapy to our patients delivers results faster, saving everyone time and money. 

Employers, Workers Compensation Insurances, Adjusters and Attorneys work with a helpful, accessible and communicative billing staff to make sure all of your treatment is taken care of.


Experienced Doctors

We’ve been experts in the work injury field for over a decade. We’ve worked with over 300 different attorneys in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, as well as most workers comp insurances.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Work injuries are hard on the injured worker mentally, physically and financially. You’ll be welcomed by a friendly, compassionate staff ready to take some of your pain away.


As-Needed Transit

If you’re in need of transportation to or from therapy, we can provide this free of charge on an as-needed basis. This is a free service and we do have limited availability, transportation cannot be guaranteed.


Same Day Appointments

The faster you start treatment for your work injury, the better. That’s why we offer same day appointments to people who have been injured at work or on the job! Call, text or stop by one of our 14 locations!


Walk-In's Accepted

In the area and want to stop by and meet our staff? Come on in! Depending on the status of your case, we may or may not be able to start treatment right away, but we can do an initial screening and start working our magic.


Case Management

Do you need help finding a Doctor or Attorney? Reach out! We’ve been in the workers compensation field treating people who have been hurt at work for over a decade! We know all of the best attorney’s, doctors and specialists.

Work Hardening & Work Conditioning

Work Hardening & Work Conditioning is a personalized, simulated set of exercises relating to your job. Once you have regained enough of your strength and range of motion from your physical therapy, you’ll be ready to start getting your endurance back for work. 

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

FCE’s need to be performed by specially certified physical therapists. Premier Physical Therapy is Chicago’s #1 choice for Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Functional Capacity Evaluations are a comprehensive analysis of your range of motion, endurance to work related tasks and strength. These tests are requested by Doctors, Attorneys, Workers Compensations Insurances, Employers,Disability, Social Security and more. However, the most common is for it to be requested by your Doctor or WC insurance to see if you can safely perform your job.

If this test is done before you’ve had much physical therapy, it is often used to develop your plan of care. FCE’s are most often requested towards the end of the treatment of your work injury to see if you are able to return to work on light, medium or normal duty. Just because you may be released to work, does not mean that your treatment is over or that you have achieved Maximum Medical Improvement. 

workers compensation information

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