Physical Therapy for Neuropathy Treatment

We’ve been successfully treating Neuropathy pain since 2000. Premier has over 100 years of combined experience! Between manual therapies, laser therapy and our secret sauce, we bring relief. Try our Neuropathy Treatment Today!
  • Neuropathy treatment experts since 2000
  • Advanced Laser Therapy & Anodyne Therapy
  • 98% of our patients successfully reduce or eliminate their Neuropathy Symptoms.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a disease developed by nerve damage. It causes a variety of symptoms including burning and tingling in your hands and feet. Therefore, it is often difficult to stand, walk or hold things for long periods of time. Neuropathy is known create balance issues and lead to falls.

Is There A Cure For Neuropathy?

There has been no cure found for Neuropathy to date. However, there has been a lot of advances in how you can manage your symptoms. Most notably, with regular therapy, your Neuropathy symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Neuropathy Treatment starts with 12 visits. After 12 visits, we decide whether continued treatment is necessary. However, most Neuropathy patients require some amount of maintenance therapy for continued health, strength, and endurance.


Neuropathy Treatment

Come by one of our 16 physical therapy locations in Chicagoland or Northwest Indiana for more information. Experienced physical therapy professionals and top-rated PT doctors are ready to help you. Learn more about our Neuropathy program for your recovery!

Our Neuropathy Treatment

Evaluation and Treatment Plans
Come in for an initial meeting with one of our therapists! From there, they’ll be able to understand your medical history and situation, gather information from your doctors, and come up with a plan for your Neuropathy care. As a result, the plan of care will map out our road to recovery with you in the coming weeks.
Laser therapy + mire treatment
We use unique laser therapy that is not standard at most physical therapy practices. This laser therapy is FDA approved and non-invasive. Especially important – patients often experience significant relief, and quickly! Laser therapy uses light emitting diodes at certain frequencies that causes increased circulation and blood-flow that helps alleviate the numbness and tingling. Laser therapy also release what’s called, Nitric Oxide, which acts as a traffic director to the cells that are used to heal and repair. This makes the healing happen at a faster rate.  Read more about Laser therapy here.
Exercise & Balance Treatment
We not only stay on top of the latest Neuropathy treatment trends, technology and advances. At Premier Physical Therapy we utilize a blend of tried and true holistic healing methods. We’ll work with you on strength building, and guide you on exercises that you can easily perform at home! Balance is almost always affected, so we usually incorporate balance retraining to help prevent falls and stabilize your body.

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Free Neuropathy Screenings

In order get the most out of your free screening, we ask that you come prepared with the few items below. This will help us tailor a plan to your needs and get you better, faster!

A list of your medicines

Please bring a list of the medications you are currently taking.

Past Neuropathy Treatments

We like to know about the past treatments you may have tried for Neuropathy so that we can develop the most personalized plan for you.

Your Medical History

At your evaluation, your PT will go through your medical history, please make sure to have information on any serious conditions or surgeries.