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Premier Physical therapy in Warrenville, Il

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  • Blue Cross Blue Shield- PPO Plans, Medicare Replacement Policies, Federal Employees, Anthem, Blue Cross Community MMAI
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  • Humana- PPO policies, Medicare Replacement Policies
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  • Workers Compensation: We Accept All Insurances & Cases
  • Auto Accidents & Liability: Most Liability and car insurances
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Premier Physical Therapy prides itself on offering the most affordable cash pay pyhsical therapy in Chicago. Give us a call or text to see how we can help you, with or without insurance!


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Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Uncomfortable back pain, a pinched neck, sore shoulders? Whatever your ache or pain, Premier Physical Therapy will get you back to living!

Neuropathy Treatment

Looking for ways to manage, reduce or eliminate your Neuropathy Symptoms? Our Neuropathy Treatment Program has a 98% success rate!

Vestibular Rehab (VRT)

VRT helps patients who suffer from vertigo, BPPV, migraines and dizziness. Our Physical Therapists are specially trained for Neurological conditions.

Sports Injury

If you play sports or other recreational activities, chances are you’ll suffer an injury at some point. We’ll help you get better, faster and reduce future injury!

Post Surgery

Now that you’ve gone through surgery, it’s time to get you back to normal. Work with our passionate and dedicated team of physical therapists, we will work to restore your range of motion, strength and retraining your movements.

Work Injury

Have you been injured at work or on the job? Physical therapy after a work injury is one of the most common treatments. We accept all Workers Compensation insurance! Premier is Chicago’s #1 choice for work injuries.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen, but it doesn’t mean you should pay for it. If you’ve been involved in a car accident or slip and fall, we can help you get back to your normal self while working with the liability insurance to pay for your treatment.

Sprains, Strains & Tears

Sprains, strains and tears happen when you least expect it. Just one wrong move and you could be in pain for weeks! With our advanced laser therapy technology and highly trained physical therapists you can  get pain relief faster.

Karolina Lesniewska, dpt

Karolina is an experienced, highly rated physical therapist in Warrenville & Hinsdale. She is friendly, compassionate and treats her patients like family. Our Warrenville physical therapy clinic offers private treatment rooms for comfortable, uninterrupted e-stim, laser treatment or manual therapies. With modern equipment and friendly staff, Premier Physical Therapy in Warrenville off Winfield Road will get you back to 100% in no time!
I want to start by giving tremendous praise & honor to Karolina & Heather for the awesome work & therapy they perform. Every time I come they are so hospitable, humorous, welcoming, polite & very professional. They make me feel at ease when I’m a little fearful & uncertain of different exercises that I have to perform & they encourage me that I can do it. I really enjoy coming to therapy because they make every patient feel important & most of all they are concerned for are well being. I don’t know what or how my process & progress would go if Heather & Karolia weren’t apart of my therapy. I am very grateful for them being apart of my healing process. They are absolutely the Best ever. I give them 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for all of the hard work 😓 & effort they perform .
angelo tyler
angelo tyler
16:57 12 Feb 21
Heather, Maddie and Karolina are helping greatly with my recovery. Thanks for all your help
paul rubinsak
paul rubinsak
14:49 08 Jan 21
Excellent facility and very friendly and professional. Both Heather and Karolina are very knowledgeable and are very good at what they do. I'm glad I found this place! Highly recommend!
Scott Holmes
Scott Holmes
18:24 11 Aug 20
The girls here at Premier physical therapy are the best they. They are very attentive to my needs and I really appreciate that...the hours are very flexible and accommodating...thanks guys keep up the good works 😊
Toyla Sims
Toyla Sims
18:08 09 Mar 20
Excellent service. Highly recommended. State of the art facility and PT staff who really listen to you and care about your recovery and satisfaction
Justine Rehak
Justine Rehak
16:16 07 Feb 20
Kristina and Heather were knowledgable about my neuropathy condition and were enthusiastic in handling my therapy.
John Zalga
John Zalga
00:53 15 Jan 20
Friendly people and great service provided. Highly recommended.
Jason Cloud
Jason Cloud
15:21 12 Dec 19
Great staff and care!
Mar Solorio
Mar Solorio
22:22 23 Sep 19
I came here after shattering my femur and breaking my pelvis after a semi truck accident. The staff here is extremely friendly. They work with you on scheduling, exercises on-site, exercises for home, and electronic stimulation. Everyone is extremely friendly and easy to work with. I have felt no pressure rehabbing here. The entire staff has been extremely personable and professional. I would recommend this place to anyone after a catastrophe injury who needs emotional, physical, and psychological support. 5 stars
doug jones
doug jones
05:11 07 Aug 19
Everyone was great! Karolina, Maddy and Mo were fantastic!
Sean Z
Sean Z
15:31 21 Jun 19
Found the staff competent and friendly.
Gary O'Rourke
Gary O'Rourke
02:08 04 Feb 19
Thanks to the terrific team of therapists.Karolina and Heather I am so grateful in your terrific service you provided to me. THANKS JAMES
James Konieczny
James Konieczny
15:18 20 Dec 18
Hands down the best!- Professionals dedicated to the well-being of their clients/patients- 100% focused on the individual and their respective needs- Welcoming and patient staff- Attentive and informative- Office(s) are very spacious, clean and organizedPrior to this, I had never been to a physical therapist, but my doctor recommended I see one for my lower back, hand, and leg pain. Since I’ve started physical therapy my pain is more manageable and I can sleep!Each of the staff members I have interacted with are both courteous and professional. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Karolina and Heather (they work with me at two different locations) and I found them to be both friendly and professional at all times. Together they have made me feel confident in a full recovery, they’ve given me the knowledge to understand what the problems were and how to best address them to heal properly.How's this for service? They have never complained about having me make last minute changes to my scheduled appointments, have answered all my questions, and encourage communication to ensure I’m making progress.I am giving this magnificent team only 5 stars because there aren't more I'm allowed to give on Google.
Antonio Farias
Antonio Farias
23:52 17 Oct 18
Great staff! Very helpful and knowlegable with the ability to encourage you to do your best.
Carol Ann Lamphere
Carol Ann Lamphere
16:05 17 Oct 18
Karolina is a wonderful Physical Therapist, Maddie a great physical therapist assistant and I love Heather and Jackie. They are always taking care of me so well with smiles and also great fun- never a dull moment! They are super flexible with their times or if I need to change an appointment. I also love how I can use their workout equipment for my entire body, not just for my injured body part.I HIGHLY recommend Premier Physical Therapy!
Snowbunny Dutch Rebel
Snowbunny Dutch Rebel
16:03 17 Oct 18
Knowledgeable, caring personnel and a very stress free environment. I highly recommend this therapy service.
Michael Dudgeon
Michael Dudgeon
22:20 26 Aug 18
Wonderful facility with very caring and pleasant staff. Highly recommended
Jose Blanco
Jose Blanco
17:06 27 Jul 18

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