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Premier Physical Therapy in Libertyville is one of our first locations! Stop by for 5 Star treatment from Dr. Mete! Same Day Appointments & Walk-Ins Welcome!
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Premier Physical therapy in Libertyville, il

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Insurances We accept
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield- PPO Plans, Medicare Replacement Policies, Federal Employees, Anthem, Blue Cross Community MMAI
  • Medicare- Traditional Medicare, Advantage/Replacement Plans, Railroad Medicare
  • Humana- PPO policies, Medicare Replacement Policies
  • Tricare
  • United Health Care- PPO plans, Medicare Replacement Policies
  • Workers Compensation: We Accept All Insurances & Cases
  • Auto Accidents & Liability: Most Liability and car insurances
Cash Pay Options
Premier Physical Therapy prides itself on offering the most affordable cash pay pyhsical therapy in Chicago. Give us a call or text to see how we can help you, with or without insurance!


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premier Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Uncomfortable back pain, a pinched neck, sore shoulders? Whatever your ache or pain, Premier Physical Therapy will get you back to living!

Neuropathy Treatment

Looking for ways to manage, reduce or eliminate your Neuropathy Symptoms? Our Neuropathy Treatment Program has a 98% success rate!

Vestibular Rehab (VRT)

VRT helps patients who suffer from vertigo, BPPV, migraines and dizziness. Our Physical Therapists are specially trained for Neurological conditions.

Sports Injury

If you play sports or other recreational activities, chances are you’ll suffer an injury at some point. We’ll help you get better, faster and reduce future injury!

Post Surgery

Now that you’ve gone through surgery, it’s time to get you back to normal. Work with our passionate and dedicated team of physical therapists, we will work to restore your range of motion, strength and retraining your movements.

Work Injury

Have you been injured at work or on the job? Physical therapy after a work injury is one of the most common treatments. We accept all Workers Compensation insurance! Premier is Chicago’s #1 choice for work injuries.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen, but it doesn’t mean you should pay for it. If you’ve been involved in a car accident or slip and fall, we can help you get back to your normal self while working with the liability insurance to pay for your treatment.

Sprains, Strains & Tears

Sprains, strains and tears happen when you least expect it. Just one wrong move and you could be in pain for weeks! With our advanced laser therapy technology and highly trained physical therapists you can  get pain relief faster.

Dr. mete durum

Dr. Mete Durum is an experienced, highly rated physical therapist in Libertyville & Skokie. He is friendly, compassionate and treats his patients like family. Our Libertyville physical therapy clinic offers private treatment rooms for comfortable, uninterrupted e-stim, laser treatment or manual therapies. With modern equipment and friendly staff, Premier Physical Therapy in Libertyville off Winchester Road will get you back to 100% in no time!

premier physical therapy in libertyville
patient reviews

Tracy lino(Md )rukminiThis was the first and best therapy place I ever been too staff is amazing and very helpful wit getting you back to healthy physically actives loved my experience🙏best staff everThanks to tracy and the (md) youGuys are great keep up the good work
Young Mack
Young Mack
17:22 15 Mar 21
This place is awesome Dr Rukmini keeps me well exercise and Tracey Lino is patient and very knowledgeable regarding therpay . great place ever !
Loud 420
Loud 420
20:47 13 Nov 20
I got into a bad car accident last month, and I was in so much pain Dr. Pandit and Mrs.Tracy were absolutely amazing! They were also extremely flexible when it came to my hectic work schedule. I feel a million times better.
India Shula
India Shula
16:40 29 Sep 20
They did great work for me and helped me as much as they can great place
John Thomas
John Thomas
18:14 14 Aug 20
Premier has been a very pleasant experience for my husband. He is always greeted with a smile from Tracie the doctor's assistant. Tracie makes us feel welcome and at ease from the moment we walk in. The doctor is always very professional, and she's very hands on with all exercises and session. The establishment is very clean and well kept. I definitely would recommend Libertyville Premier physical therapy to my friends and family. Thank you ladies ❤️.
Stephanie Jackson
Stephanie Jackson
18:09 13 Aug 20
This is a location, the Staff is AMAZING. They calls to check me, and always available to assist. I love them
Nykole Hart
Nykole Hart
18:20 22 May 20
Excellent attention and service ,very pretty buildings and Tracey alno she worries about my necessities,😃
18:56 19 Mar 20
Attention excellent and efficient 👌
Como hacerlo facil con sol
Como hacerlo facil con sol
18:53 19 Mar 20
The staff there is amazing. (Dr. Rukmini & Tracey Lino) They're helpful and one of the best experiences I've had on my recovery. Kind and patient with you and compassionate & understanding. Great with relying messages or calling for appointment reminders as well.
Nicole Osvath
Nicole Osvath
18:03 07 Feb 20
Very friendly people comfortable place and the therapy is helping me immensely Tracey Lino and Rukmini are great people doing a great job
Pat West
Pat West
19:12 23 Jan 20
Tracey is the best. Very helpful and knowledgeable. The same goes for therapist Rukmini.
Gary Tangeros
Gary Tangeros
21:36 21 Jan 20
When I come to therapy Tracey Lino makes the experience so enjoyable, she is very pleasant and a nice person! The therapy has helped me a lot and I feel very good after leaving. I highly recommend this location for physical therapy . The therapist Rukmini is great as well.
Roberto Rodrigues
Roberto Rodrigues
15:58 17 Jan 20
Most definitely a place of choice ! They make you feel comfortable and really cared for. There is never a bad day at this place !! I highly recommend. Tracey Lino & Mete are amazing!
Brianna Ulysse
Brianna Ulysse
17:31 08 Oct 19
I absolutely love this place!!! Staff are very friendly and fun. This has been my first experience taking physical therapy and it's been very enjoyable thanks to such amazing people. They are always going above and beyond to make sure I'm comfortable and my needs are met. My treatments have been very effective which makes going to work that much easier!! Mete is very patient and knowledgeable. Tracey is so sweet and professional and she makes physical therapy fun. I love her!! Highly recommend this place to anybody who's looking for high quality physical therapy!!! You wont regret it!!
ericka fields
ericka fields
20:07 30 May 19
This is a great physical therapy provider. They provide individualized one on one care. It is cozy and not overcrowded. You receive excellent service in a clean facility with friendly upbeat staff.
Cecilia M
Cecilia M
14:09 28 Jul 17
Helping me a lot. Great place. Employee's are great. I would recommend this place.
Last First
Last First
14:29 27 Jun 17
Very professional and friendly. Lysette goes above and beyond expectations to make sure I'm comfortable. She also makes sure my appointments fit in my busy schedule. Also they always call to remind or reschedule appointments.Jackie is also great had a few questions about paperwork and she was very helpful . They make therapy feel like you are with family. Love this place 👍🏼
Daisy Ramirez
Daisy Ramirez
16:18 08 Jun 17
I would highly recommend this office therapist is very professional and nice, and Jackie is the best very understanding and kind and wonderful spirit. Even though I was in lots of pain on some days they managed to put a smile on my face and I thank them for all there hard work and Lizeth was very nice as well
Karen Rodriguez
Karen Rodriguez
19:40 07 Jun 17

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